Pirelli P Zero All Season Plus Review: Does this tire fit your vehicle?

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  • Superb dry/wet traction
  • Excellent comfort
  • Refined and silent ride
  • Tighter handling and faster cornering


  • Higher price

The Pirelli P Zero All Season Plus is an ultra-high performance tire for all-season driving. This is the perfect tire for sporty sedans, sports cars, and high-performance crossover SUVs. This tire is engineered to be driven in all seasons including light snow. It is also renowned for providing lasting comfort and low levels of road noise.

The previous generation of the P Zero All Season Plus had an inherent weakness. It was mediocre in snow and colder weather. It was fine in wet and dry roads, but the grip levels diminished as the tire is exposed to freezing weather. Pirelli corrected this problem in 2016 by updating the tire compound. This is enough to address the snow performance of the P Zero All Season Plus. Although it’s still not a solid performer in light snow, it is many times better than the previous model.

In this review, we’ll examine the features of the Pirelli P Zero All Season Plus. This will hopefully enable you to make the right purchasing decision for a new set of performance tires

What are the features of the Pirelli P Zero All Season Plus?

Pirelli started by updating and improving the tread compound. The tire maker utilized an advanced blend of silica and polymers to improve the capabilities of the P Zero All Season Plus. This new and innovative compound also reduces the rolling resistance of the rubber to deliver long mileage and better fuel economy.

The tire is equipped with an advanced asymmetric tread design with wider circumferential grooves. This also enhances wet performance by effectively channeling water away from the contact patch. The treads are computer-designed with variable size elements to minimize road noise at higher speeds.

The Pirelli P Zero All Season Plus also comes with stable shoulder blocks for faster cornering and better handling. You’ll find lateral siping on those wider shoulder blocks to maximize cornering grip in wet and dry roads. The tire even comes with a rigid center rib to improve steering feel and high-speed stability. The inner shoulder is equipped with winter siping technology to further enhance wet/snow traction. 

Improving the all-weather durability of the tire are variable tension cords, a nylon cap ply, and twin steel belts. The result is enhanced comfort, longer wear, and stronger resistance against potholes. 

Pirelli P Zero All Season Plus Review

How does it perform in dry and wet roads?

It feels exactly like an ultra-high performance tire. You can enter a corner faster without upsetting the balance of the vehicle. This tire is designed to be abused in high-speed driving. It offers relentless traction in the dry and unprecedented control in wet roads. Pirelli tires are also known for stronger braking in slippery conditions, and the P Zero All Season Plus does not disappoint. The improved compound and multiple sipes ensure maximum biting edges in the contact patch. You can stop on a dime and go aggressively without the tires hunting for grip.

Pirelli P Zero All Season Plus Review

Is it good for snow?

It is way better than the first-generation, but not by much. It is only good for light snow and cold weather driving. The tires are not equipped to handle deeper snow and thick ice. However, the updated features have given the tire stronger performance in winter driving.

But if the roads are covered in slush or inches of snow, it is better to place your bets on a proper set of winter rubber. This holds true if you have a vehicle with a powerful motor and gobs of torque. Slippery conditions and mountains of torque will cause the tires to endlessly spin and grasp for dear life. 

Is it comfortable and refined?

Oh yes, it’s way better than you’ll expect. The Pirelli P Zero All Season Plus is infused with the qualities of a touring tire. Pirelli utilizes a noise-canceling system in the P Zero All Season Plus. The tire comes with a sound absorbing device in the inside circumferential wall. It’s like a cushion that sits between the tire and the road. This feature not only results in superior and lasting comfort, but it also reduces tire roar. And since the comfort of the tire is not relying on the thickness of the treads, you can expect a comfortable ride even as the tires wear out.

How about tire wear?

The first-gen version was capable of longer mileage. With the updated compound, the tire maker is aiming for better mileage than the previous model. Pirelli is offering the current P Zero All Season Plus with a 50,000-mile treadwear warranty for added peace of mind. Of course, you have to remember that tire wear is also relative to your driving style. And with the elevated grip levels of the P Zero All Season Plus, it is hard to ignore the allure of speed.

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Should I buy the Pirelli P Zero All Season Plus?

Yes! This tire is an excellent choice for sporty sedans and sports cars. It is also an ideal choice for sporty crossovers. However, this tire is a bit overkill if you have a smaller sedan or compact car. It also happens to be pricier than similar tires in the category. It is also a questionable choice if you drive over snowy or icy roads.

But you get what you pay for in a set of new Pirelli tires. The P Zero All Season Plus is one of the most comfortable UHP tires money can buy. It bewilders the mind of how excellent grip and relentless traction is achieved without affecting comfort, road noise, and longer wear. But Pirelli was able to do it with no compromises. If you have a fast car, you’ll be a fool not to consider the Pirelli P Zero All Season Plus.

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