Pirelli Scorpion MTR Review: Best Mud Tires for The Price

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Pirelli Scorpion Mtr Review
Pirelli Scorpion MTR Review
















  • Relentless off-road performance
  • Superior traction in snow
  • Comfortable and quiet ride


  • It’s pricier than other mud tires

Believe it or not, some people buy mud tires for the looks alone. But in the case of the Pirelli Scorpion MTR, you get a mud tire infused with the DNA of a touring tire. What this means is an extreme all-terrain tire that rolls comfortably over pave roads.

This all sounds great, but at what cost? Truth be told, the premium price of the Pirelli Scorpion MTR may offend some budget-conscious buyers, but it’s all about what you get for the money. The Pirelli name is one of the most trusted and renowned brands in the tire industry. There are many mud tires in the market, but only a few in this category can match or overtake the all-weather performance and refinement of the Pirelli Scorpion MTR.

It also boasts supreme durability. According to one car owner, Pirelli tires are the coolest because of the Scorpion symbol in the sidewall. Hilarious as that may sound, it speaks highly to the reputation of the Pirelli brand.

What are the features of the Pirelli Scorpion MTR?

The Pirelli Scorpion MTR is a mud terrain all season tire manufactured for SUVs and light truck vehicles. In terms of looks or ‘chunkiness’, the Pirelli Scorpion MTR is a winner. Unlike other mud tires that fall short of becoming tractor tires, the Scorpion MTR is ruggedly handsome for lack of a better word. It is aggressive and sporting yet mild-mannered at the same time. It’s the track athlete with a bow and tie. It certainly looks capable of handling extreme off-road terrain, but it also exudes a feeling of superb build quality and refinement.

The Pirelli Scorpion MTR is fitted with an additional rubber layer around the beads for added safety and durability. The two-ply polyester casing makes the tire closely follow the road surface to lower the road vibrations. The Scorpion MTR is extremely durable, thanks to the tread design, the tire compound and the strengthened internal structure. The chunky tread comes courtesy of the larger transversal grooves to improve grip on muddy and slick surfaces. The treads are arranged to produce a self-cleaning pattern to channel mud and gravel from the contact surface of the tire. This also ensures a secure grip on a variety of road surfaces including slippery boulders, deep snow, sand, dirt, mud, and ice.

The Pirelli Scorpion MTR also comes with a super tough and reinforced sidewall to resist cuts and punctures while absorbing shock. This makes it ideal for the most demanding off-road applications.

Pirelli Scorpion Mtr Review

Is it really comfortable and refined over smooth tarmac?

All-terrain and mud tires have changed over the years. Most of these tires are now able performers in the streets and highways, and the Pirelli Scorpion MTR is one of them. In fact, this tire is one of the smoothest and most refined mud tires money can buy, and I say that in the presence of the Falken Wildpeak AT3W and Yokohama Geolandar M/T G003.

Suffice to say the Falken and Yokohama are also infused with the quiet attributes of a touring tire, but the Pirelli has an edge in terms of overall comfort and refinement. However, the Falken and Yokohama trumps the Pirelli in terms of price, but not by much.

How does it behave in off-road driving?

When the roads turn to dirt or slush, the Pirelli Scorpion MTR performs like a dream, and rightfully so. This tire is M+S rated for extreme mud and snow applications. This not only means better performance in deep snow, but the tire is designed to handle thick mud with nary a complaint.

What’s really good about this tire (besides the relentless grip on dirt roads) is the shock-absorbing factor. The reinforced sidewall may protect the tires from holes, cuts, or punctures, but the stiffer carcass also softens the blow as you aggressively forge over huge boulders and rocks. This tire is highly capable in extreme off-road driving and makes no qualms about it, either.

Pirelli Scorpion Mtr Review

How about dry and wet roads?

If there’s one inherent weak point in this tire, it will have to be the wet performance on smooth roads. On the other hand, the tires fell magnificent in the dry. It still allows you to travel at moderate speed without upsetting the handling and balance of your SUV. Cornering and braking felt strong while straight-line stability is also admirable for a mud tire.

But when it rains, it’s a different story. Higher speeds will cause the tires to hunt for traction as it slides and screeches with the application of abrupt steering and throttle inputs. But it’s not too bad to be considered a fault. But all is good when driving in the rain at slow or average speeds.

Should I be concerned about tire wear?

Not at all. The Pirelli Scorpion MTR is also engineered to last longer than cheaper mud tires. It’s not uncommon for these tires to last 40k miles, or maybe even more. Based on consumer reviews for the Pirelli Scorpion MTR, buyers praised the tire for its aggressive design, supreme off-road and on-road performance, advanced refinement, and longer wear.

As long as you maintain the appropriate tire pressure and wheel alignment, you won’t have problems with early tire wear in the Pirelli Scorpion MTR.

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Should I buy the Pirelli Scorpion MTR?

Yes! When it comes to mud tires or tires in general, it is foolish to place your bets to the lowest bidder. And while the Pirelli Scorpion MTR commands a higher price than comparable mud tires, you get the famed durability and performance of the Pirelli brand along with near-luxury levels of refinement.

Not all mud tires are refined in the street, and very few of them can offer on-road stability and precise handling. But the Pirelli Scorpion MTR is different. It offers no compromises in extreme weather conditions including deep mud and snow, and it delivers better comfort and lower road noise in the highway. And it also looks the part! This is the perfect tire for your lifted pickup truck or SUV, and it brings the Pirelli name into the equation as well.

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