Continental SureContact RX Review: Does this tire fit your vehicle?

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  • Superb ride comfort
  • Longer wear
  • Superior wet performance
  • Excellent handling


  • Higher price

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Welcome to my review of the Continental SureContact RX! This tire happens to be one of the best ultra-high performance all-season tires in the market today. However, Continental made certain the SureContact RX is not just sporty and aggressive. It also gave the tires the attributes of a touring tire to deliver loads of comfort, superior refinement, and longer wear.

As expected from an ultra-high performance tire, the Continental SureContact RX is not cheap. However, the price is relative. It may more expensive but it can deliver more for the money. If you have a fast luxury car or sporty European sedan, why would you prefer a set of tires that are made by the lowest bidder? This is where the Continental SureContact RX suddenly makes a lot of sense.

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What are the features of the Continental SureContact RX?

The Continental SureContact RX is loaded with high-tech features, chief among which is the QuickView Indicator. Continental is kind enough to include a simple feature that allows you to check the status of the wheel alignment. If the indicators are wearing unevenly, this means your vehicle will need to book a visit to the repair shop or tire center to correct the alignment.

This may sound like another marketing ploy, but it works brilliantly. In most tires, the treads will be the first to wear out if the vehicle has alignment problems. But with the Continental SureContact RX, the indicators will give a visual warning before wearing out the treads. This is a neat feature that should come standard in all tires.

The tire is constructed with Continental’s SportPlus RX Technology. The tire compound is engineered to perform in both extreme hot and cold weather conditions. Comfort is ensured courtesy of the high-strength 2-ply sidewall. It enables the tires to better absorb bumps for a more comfortable driving experience.

Continental SureContact RX Tire

What vehicles are ideal for this tire?

The Continental SureContact RX is sold in 16” to 20” diameters. It is perfect for midsize and full-size sport-luxury sedans such as the BMW 3-series and 5-series and the Audi A4 and A6. It is also ideal for import sport-luxury cars like the Mazda 6, Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, and Acura TLX/RLX.

The Continental SureContact RX is also a good fit for entry-level and sporty crossover vehicles such as the Acura RDX, Mercedes GLC-Class, BMW X3, Porsche Macan, and Buick Envision.

What are the best attributes of the Continental SureContact RX?

This may sound unbelievable. The best thing about the Continental SureContact RX is the ride comfort. This is an admirable trait to have in an ultra-high performance tire. It can deliver massive amounts of grip in both wet and dry pavements. It can even motivate your vehicle when the streets are covered in light snow. But what’s really impressive is the overall refinement of the Continental Sure Contact RX.

Let me clarify one thing: you can buy expensive touring tires that may be more comfortable than the Continental SureContact RX. But it will come at the expense of all-season traction. With this tire, you get the best of both worlds!

It also happens to be one of the quietest in the realm of ultra-high performance tires. Again, premium touring tires may be quieter still, but you also get superior all-season traction and better handling with the Continental SureContact RX.

How good is the wet performance?

It is better than good. In fact, the Continental SureContact RX is better performer in the wet than in the dry, but I’ll explain more on that later. One thing I seriously commend is the braking performance in the wet. The tires can bring your vehicle to a full stop in lesser time even over rain-drenched roads. I also like the precise handling and accurate steering feel that never fades away even on the wettest of roads.

Is it good for snow and ice?

Yes. The Continental SureContact RX is ideal for light winter driving. The tire comes with unique traction teeth in the pattern grooves to offer better traction on snowy and icy roads. The wider circumferential grooves can efficiently flush out slush and water from the treads to maintain consistent traction. The traction teeth will also facilitate better handling and stronger braking over moderately snowy roads.

However, if you’re beginning to think this tire is ideal for driving over thick snow, you are sorely mistaken. Remember that nothing performs better in heavy winter than snow tires.

How about traction and handling in the dry?

As expected from an ultra-high performance tire, the Continental SureContact RX is a capable performer over dry tarmac. It will also enhance the braking and steering feel courtesy of the higher levels of grip. However, serious performance cars will find the dry grip levels of the Continental SureContact RX to be a bit lacking.

Is it economical?

Due to the touring DNA, the Continental SureContact RX is also engineered to deliver longer wear. Part of this is achieved courtesy of the QuickView wear indicators, which will warn you about the general condition of the steering and suspension components in your vehicle.

In terms of price, the Continental SureContact RX is higher than average. But considering the all-season traction and the highway comfort of this tire, I won’t mind paying more money in order to experience the Continental difference.

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Should I buy the Continental SureContact RX?

Why not? As long as your budget permits, the Continental SureContact is a wise choice in the ultra-high performance category. Like I previously mentioned above, not all tires can deliver extreme sporty performance while still having a comfy and silent ride.

In my opinion, this tire is a bit too much for average sedans and sub-compact vehicles. But for sporty sedans and luxury coupes, the Continental SureContact RX will fit like the proverbial glove!

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