Continental Control Contact Sport A/S Review: Ultra-High Performance Tire for All-Season Driving

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  • Sporty and aggressive tread design
  • Excellent traction in dry, wet, and snowy roads
  • Better handling and stability
  • Comfortable ride


  • Higher price
  • Road noise at slow speeds

High-performance tires are known for maintaining a steady grip in adverse conditions. But the Continental ControlContact Sports A/S offers more than excellent wet and dry grip. This tire is perfect for fast compacts, performance sedans, and sporty crossovers. But it also excels in light snow and ice while maintaining decent levels of year-round comfort.

Based on the aforementioned facts, it seems the ControlContact Sport A/S belongs in the pantheon of the best all-season performance tires, and rightfully so. But there’s a right tire for every car. In this regard, the Continental ControlContact Sport A/S might be too much for your daily driver.

In this review, we’ll look deeper into the features of the Continental ControlContact Sport A/S. We’ll also reveal the compromises to all the relentless all-season grip this tire has to offer.

What are the features of the Continental Control Contact Sport A/S?

It doesn’t take an expert to appreciate the aggressive and sporty tread design in the Continental ControlContact Sport A/S. The unique tread blocks and siping design system is meant to literally grab the pavement to enhance grip. The tire is also equipped with extra biting edges to offer better stability and control over wet or snowy roads.

The chamfered edges and wider shoulder blocks are designed to enhance handling and cornering. Continental threw in stiffer tread blocks and computer-enhanced tread design to decrease wear and deliver year-round comfort. The Continental ControlContact Sport A/S is constructed with a polyester cord body and twin steel belts. This feature enhances the strength and durability of the carcass.

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Is this tire ideal for snow and winter driving?

The Continental ControlContact Sport A/S is designed for all-season driving including light snow. The tire is engineered using an enhanced all-season tread compound to maintain steady in dry. Wet, and snow-covered pavement. But don’t get your hopes up if you live in places with prolonged winters and deep snow. While this tire is able to hunt for grip in the most slippery and wettest driving conditions, there are limits to what this tire can achieve when driven over deeper snow.

What are the best attributes of the Continental ControlContact Sport A/S?

We’re talking about a performance tire with the attributes of a touring tire. The primary attribute of the Continental ControlContact Sport A/S is the excellent dry and wet traction. Next is the sporty and aggressive directional tread design with those unique cross grooves and wider shoulders. Based on the looks alone, it is hard to mistake this tire for an ordinary touring or all-season tire.

But despite the brilliant performance in dry and wet conditions, this tire is also a champion in terms of driving comfort. This makes it a brilliant choice for sport-luxury sedans and crossover SUVs. The stiffer and wider shoulders ensure better handling and a more accurate steering feel, allowing you to drive faster and harder without upsetting comfort and stability. If you’re a performance driver with a sporty vehicle, it is hard to go wrong with the Continental ControlContact Sport A/S.

What are the downsides to this tire?

There are two: price and road noise. The ControlContact Sport A/S is an ultra-high performance tire so it won’t come to the corresponding price. But it’s available in a wide array of sizes and diameters to fit numerous vehicle applications, so you got that going for you as well.

But the price is relative at this point. If your car demands a performance all-season tire, the price won’t matter as long as you can afford it. But what’s not relative is the road noise. This tire has a tendency to hum at lower speeds. The most annoying part? The tire roar is most noticeable when cruising at a slow pace. Although the tire noise eventually dissipates as you speed up, this is a concern if you drive mostly at slower speeds within the city.

However, this also depends on the NVH tuning of your ride. On some vehicles, the road noise is negligible given the sporty tread design of the tire. But if you have a smaller sports coupe or sports car, the ride might be noisier than expected.

How about tire wear and fuel economy?

The Continental ControlContact Sport A/S is accompanied by Continental’s Total Confidence Plan. This includes a 50,000-mile limited treadwear warranty, 60-day trial offer, and 3-years of roadside assistance for added peace of mind.

In terms of fuel economy, Continental utilized a low rolling resistance tread compound. This ensures longer wear and maximum fuel efficiency in all-season driving. But then again, you are better off with a proper touring tire if treadwear and fuel economy is your primary concern.

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Should I buy the Continental ControlContact Sport A/S?

Yes! This tire is one of the best all-season performance tires money can buy. It also has the brand cache and the looks to match the brilliant wet and dry performance.

But this only holds true if you have a high-performance sedan, fast hatchback, or sporty coupe. This tire is a bit of an overkill for a daily driven compact car or small crossover, particularly if your commute is within the confines of tight city streets with stop-and-go traffic. Considering the Continental ControlContact Sport A/S is a pricier alternative, this is a special tire designed strictly for performance vehicles that demand higher levels of performance.

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