Continental SureContact LX Review: The Premium All-Season Tire for SUV, Crossover, and Light Trucks

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Continental SureContact LX Review
Continental SureContact LX Review
















  • Longer wear
  • Supreme comfort
  • Better fuel economy


  • Only good for street driving

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The Continental SureContact LX is an all-season highway-terrain tire for crossovers, SUVs, and light trucks. But despite the rugged demeanor, it excels in enhancing comfort and fuel economy with longer wear. However, this tire is not designed for off-road applications. It may look tough and rugged, but underneath the tough fascia is a touring tire to the core.

Technology is at the forefront of the Continental SureContact LX. In this review. We’ll discuss the features and attributes of the SureContact LX. This will hopefully allow you to make a smart buying decision for your next set of SUV tires.

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Why should I choose the Continental SureContact LX?

In a nutshell, each Continental tire is backed by the Total Confidence Plan. This includes flat tire roadside assistance with free towing, road hazard coverage within the first 12 months of purchase, a free replacement trial for 60 days, a limited 12-month warranty, and up to 90,000-miles of tread wear out coverage. Now, that’s a lot of peace of mind in a new set of tires.

What are the features of the Continental SureContact LX?

This tire is equipped with a symmetrical tread design with four circumferential grooves. Combined with Continental’s EcoPlus Technology compound and traction grooves, the SureContact LX ensures maximum traction and grip in all-weather driving, particularly on wet and snowy roads.

EcoPlus technology also ensures longer wear life, better fuel economy, and a comfortable ride. The tire even comes with quick-view indicators. This allows you to verify the alignment of the vehicle to further ensure a longer tread life. Utilizing the finest Tg-F Polymers and +Silane additives in the compound, the lower rolling resistance nature of the SureContact LX guarantees longer wear, enhanced wet performance, and improved fuel economy.

Is it comfortable and refined?

Yes! The Continental SureContact LX delivers the level of comfort that you’d expect from a touring tire. Despite the durable carcass and stiffer sidewalls, the tire manages to cushion the impact from potholes or humps. It is also quiet to a fault so you can cruise all day at higher speeds in utmost silence. I find this impressive given the rugged tread design of the tire. But it’s good to know you can experience premium levels of comfort and refinement in an all-season SUV tire.

How does it behave on dry and wet roads?

The Continental SureContact LX may be designed for longer wear and ride comfort above all else, but it also manages to deliver surefooted handling in dry and wet roads. This tire is also a champion when it comes to braking in the wet. I’m not really sure how Continental managed to infuse sportiness into a touring tire, but it succeeds nevertheless.

Handling and cornering are admirable given the high-profile layout of the Continental SureContact LX. So is the stability and steering feel at medium to high speeds. This is a tire you can confidently push all day and night in all types of weather conditions.

Is it good for off-roading?

No. And this is what baffles me with the Continental SureContact LX. At first glance, the tire looks rugged enough to handle mild off-roading, but this is not the case. I find this odd since the Yokohama Geolandar H/T G056 belongs in the same category as the SureContact LX, but the Yokohama comes standard equipment on the 2019 Subaru Crosstrek, which is a car designed to handle some mild off-roading.

How does it perform in snowy or icy roads?

Now that’s better. The Continental SureContact LX is an able performer in snowy or icy roads. The multitude of sipes and traction grooves on the tread are designed to literally bite the pavement. This equates to better grip in snow or ice-covered roads. But then again, the tire is not equipped to handle deep snow, thick mud, or loose surfaces. In fact, this tire is not rated for any type of off-roading at all.

Continental is also offering the Terrain Contact A/T if you demand all-terrain performance. It would be great if the SureContact LX is blessed with off-road attributes, but you can’t have it all.

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Should I buy the Continental SureContact LX?

If your pickup truck or SUV demands a premium highway-terrain tire with the refined qualities of a touring tire, the Continental SureContact LX is a solid choice. The great thing about this tire is the sizing. It’s available in 16” to 22” diameters to fit a wide array of vehicle models and applications.

But similar to name-brand tires, the Continental SureContact LX also demands a premium price. It is a bit more expensive than other H/T tires, but you get a lot of features and benefits for the money. You also get Continental’s Total Confidence Plan in each tire that includes a 70,000-mile limited warranty, 60-day trial, and 3 years of roadside assistance.

But best of all, you get excellent all-season and all-weather traction with boundless comfort, longer wear, and a quiet ride. From these alone, the Continental SureContact LX is a definite winner.

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    I want to buy tires for Toyota Camry cars, Continental SureContact LX tires are suitable for my car?
    Can you help me?

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  2. I dont know why they dont qualify for a off road truck I recently had to tackle a very steep loose rocky hill and the tires took me straight up with no slippage I was impressed with the tires I would buy again and they ate very affordable

  3. Me too. I have them ony Yukon and live in country side in Alabama. My driveway is rocky dirt and 300 yards long. Never an issue in any weather. Sure Contact LX are great tires.


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