Falken Pro Touring A/S Review: Does this tire fit your vehicle?

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  • Better traction
  • Sharper handling
  • Superb ride comfort
  • Affordable price


  • Average snow performance

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Welcome to my Falken Pro Touring A/S review.

The Falken Pro Touring A/S is not exactly new. It was introduced back in 2017 but it remains a solid performer in the touring category. 

But what really makes the Falken Pro Touring A/S stand out is the low price. It offers a higher level of all-season performance and driving comfort without burning a hole in your wallet. Of course, this comes with a small compromise, but we’ll get to that later. 

What you need to know about the Falken Pro Touring A/S is it behaves like a performance tire at higher speeds. Even though it is oriented more towards highway comfort and longevity, it is one of those that can deliver spirited driving as well.

You basically get a better and sportier tire for almost the same price as a set of ordinary all-season rubber. If this doesn’t sound like a good deal for your compact carmidsize sedan, or small crossover, then I don’t know what is. This tire is also good for minivans and small crossovers. It is available in 13” to 18” diameters to fit a wide assortment of import and domestic vehicles.

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Valid through January 13, 2023
Available at PriorityTire.com

How does it perform in wet and dry roads?

The Falken Pro Touring A/S is better than expected. On dry roads the tire responds pretty well to steering inputs. Traction is more than enough for faster cornering but will shout and scream when pushed to the limit. The same happens if the tire is fitted to a larger or more focused car with a more powerful motor.

If you drive a Mustang or fast sedan such as a BMW M5 or Cadillac CTS-V, the Falken Pro Touring A/S might not be a brilliant choice. However, for moderately quick small cars or sporty crossover vehicles, this tire deserves more than a second look. For the price alone, it is hard to fault the Falken Pro Touring A/S, especially if it grips with tenacity on dry roads.

On wet roads, the story remains the same. You’ll need to apply abrupt steering and throttle inputs to breach the limits of adhesion. Driven sanely on wet roads, the Falken Pro Touring A/S offers good stability and strong braking. But at higher speeds, the tire has a tendency to hunt for traction in the wet.

Is it any better in the snow?

Not so much. The Falken Pro Touring A/S is primarily a wet and dry performer. Remember about the compromise I was talking about earlier? This is basically it. The tire is only good for very light snow or moderately cold weather. If the temperature drops further, you will need to consider winter tires.

But for cold weather driving with zero snow, the Falken Wildpeak Pro Touring A/S is more than fit for the task. The same holds true when driving over slushy or overly wet surfaces. 

What are the features of the Falken Pro Touring A/S?

Falken Pro Touring As Review

The best feature will have to be tread compound. Falken utilized their patented Dynamic Range Technology or DRT compound in creating the Pro Touring A/S. The compound is enhanced with silica to offer better pliability in cold weather.

But the compound also responds well on dry surfaces. DRT allows the chemical compounds to bond tightly even in extreme heat. This means better traction and solid grip. In this regard, the reinforced shoulder blocks are also responsible for better cornering and accurate steering feel.

The Falken Pro Touring A/S is also equipped with four wide circumferential grooves with interlocking 3D sipes. This provides the necessary biting edges as the tire rolls on a variety of pavements while effectively displacing water or slush from the face of the treads. 

Is the tire quiet and comfortable?

The Falken Pro Touring A/S is still primarily a touring tire, so it won’t be overkill to expect higher degrees of comfort and refinement as well. The tire can deliver dollops of smoothness when driven on smooth highways. But despite the comfort, there is no sense in denying the sporty traction and high-speed stability.

The road noise is also best in class. The tire is whisper quiet at slow to medium speeds, but you can expect more tire roar at higher speeds. Still, it’s not as bad or as intrusive as cheaper touring tires from unknown brands. 

How about tire wear?

Again, you can thank the touring tire DNA of the Falken Pro Touring A/S for the longer tread wear. The DRT compound is also optimized to reduce the rolling resistance of the rubber. In fact, Falken is offering the Pro Touring A/S with a lengthy 60,000-mile treadwear warranty. Assuming the alignment in your vehicle is within factory specs, you can expect a lot of smooth and quiet driving miles with the Falken Pro Touring A/S.

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Should I buy the Falken Pro Touring A/S?

It’s hard not to notice the value offered by the Falken Pro Touring A/S. It delivers sportier handling and better wet performance while remaining comfortable on the highway. It also offers lower noise levels while still having impressive wear characteristics. Where else can you find all these qualities without spending too much cash?

Honestly speaking, there are better tires that can offer sportier handling. But you’ll have to pay more to enjoy the privilege. However, is it wise to spend more if you drive a humble Honda Civic or Toyota Sienna? If you don’t have a high-performance ride, spending more cash on performance tires is only a waste of resources.

But you don’t need to compromise comfort with dependable all-season traction. If all you need is a good touring tire that offers better traction, you’ll be a fool not to consider the Falken Pro Touring A/S. 

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