10 Tips For First Time Car Buyers

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Going to buy a car for the first time? Well, that should not make you worry much for there is a first time for everything and for everybody. No doubt, buying a new car is always a big deal not only for the high cost of investment but also for the lengthiness and difficulties associated with the process. First time car Buyers, Considering the qualities of the car you will be buying or its price is never going to be enough for you are also required to consider the cost of interest of your car loan that plays a determining role in the total price you are going to pay for your new car. These can be extremely difficult for consumers who have never purchased a car before but helps are always available to find you a good deal and you better not miss them out.

In case you find it hard to help you in this matter here are a few tips for first time car buyers.

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1. Select the model

You should better prevent an impulsive decision about this. Moreover you can also narrow down your choices by sticking to your initial criteria. Set a budget that you don’t exceed and also determine the size as per your exact requirements. Apart from this selecting the brand or the manufacturer is also important and brands that offer best value for your money can always be the better choice.

Tips For First Time Car Buyers 4

2. Color

How much important is the color of the car for you? Always select the model first before you select the color for all models might not be available in your favorite color and it is very much possible that you need to compromise with that. There is no reason in compromising a better model car for its color only. Modern cars are available in a variety of attractive colors and they are a good choice for another reason too. Unlike pure colors like black or white they better hide dust and scratches and also require less frequent polishing or waxing.

3. Buy at right time

Do you know that car prices vary all around the year or models those are newly launched are normally more expensive? Festival discounts, promotional benefits or road shows are mostly gimmicks and as you are least expected to find a profitable deal you better avoid making a hasty decision depending upon them. If the COE price decreases car prices also goes down and you can always find it better to buy a car when the COE is low. As COE bidding closes on every first and third Wednesday every month you better avoid buying a car for minimum three days before the closure for dealers often tend to increase the prices to safeguard against increase in COE spike.

4. Visit a showroom

Car showrooms are always less crowded during business hours on weekdays and if you visit a showroom by that time you can always expect the sales personal to pay you better attention and answer to all your queries in detail.

Tips For First Time Car Buyers

5. Showroom behavior

Now this is something interesting. Visiting a showroom or asking many questions to the sales personal does in no way make you obliged to buy a car from them. You should keep it clear and simple and by no means should allow it to cloud your decision. You must buy only the best car available within your affordable budget. Every car model comes with a few trim levels and variants and you better ask the sales personal at the showroom about their details and availability.

6. The Test drive

A test drive is great to have a real feeling of the car but if you are a first time buyer, in most cases you have little driving experience and a test drive is not going to make much of difference unless you know a few things that you should check out during a test drive. Take a look at engine performance, transmission, brakes and gears and also the overall handling of the car. This is something beyond the reach of consumers with limited or little driving experience and in that case making someone with good knowledge about cars accompany you can be a wise decision.

Tips For First Time Car Buyers

7. Negotiate

As a car showroom is never a wet market there is always place for negotiations. Always ask the sales person about the discounts and freebies and also make sure that he is offering him discounts above what is offered to a standard buyer by the manufacturing company. If don’t get a dealers discount from the sales personal just walk off find someone else who will offer you that. In many cases sales persons are more interested in offering freebies than discounts and they can also make for a profitable deal.

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8. Waiting period

Buying a car is not like buying other things where you simply pay and take your purchase home. Always check out the waiting period before you book a car for this can vary from a couple of weeks to six months. Make sure that you can actually wait for the time that will be required or go for another model that will be delivered in less time.

9. Post Purchase offers

While buying a new car this is something that consumers often forget to pay attention to. Whatever car you buy the dealer should offer you post purchase offers like free servicing for certain duration of time or warranty on spare parts that might require to be replaced without any fault of yours. These post purchase offers are important to help in better maintenance of your vehicles and dealers also offer them to attract and convince potential consumers.

10. Insurance

Different models of car will require you to pay different insurance premiums and you must ensure that you can afford that too.

Purchasing a new car is always a dream come true for most and that is specifically the reason that you should leave no stone unturned for making the right decision. Learn more about cars, keep watching about the changing trend in their prices and you always stand a better chance to find the most profitable deal for your best car.

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  1. Wow, I hadn’t known that there could be waiting periods buying a car! I’m thinking it’s finally time to pick up my first car. Although, since this is my first car, I wonder what my insurance options are.


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