Why Won’t My Car Start? – This is What You Should Do!

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Why won’t my car start? And what should I do when my car doesn’t start? This is what you should do: Check out now the three most common problems and the solutions. 

Let’s imagine that you are in a hurry and you can’t start your car. And you are fortunate because your vehicle is at your house’s front door. Let’s imagine the same situation, but it happens when you are on the road. We are sure that it is the last thing on earth you want.

Why Won't My Car Start

There are so many reasons for why won’t my car start

So, why won’t my car start? There are five common reasons that all the drivers need to know to fix it by yourself. And today, we are here with a straightforward explanation and instructions to fix the problems. We hope that next time if your car won’t start, you will not panic.

It is the time for you to start checking for the reason why won’t my car start!

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1. Battery Problems

A prevalent answer to your question of “why won’t my car start” is the battery. It could be a battery connection problem, or in some severe cases, it could be a dead battery.

How to Identify?

No battery means that no power. And it means that you can’t start the engine as well as your car’s lights. So if there is any problem with your battery, you can’t not hear anything when you start the car, and there are no lights, too.

Problem Description

Your car battery is limited, and you have to replace it regularly. It is the power to run the car lights. So, if you forgot to turn off the headlights while parking or keep them on when you stop, it will make your car battery drain.

Besides, there are so many other reasons like a loose wire, some water inside the component. Or it could be the too old battery that you forget to replace for such long time.

Why Won't My Car Start

Battery problems include battery connection problem and dead battery

This is What You Should Do

You should check the cable connections at your car’s battery first to see if it only a battery connection problem or not. To do this job, you should find out if you can turn and twist them by your hands or not. If you can, it could be a loose connection problem. So what you should do next is removing and neat thing them, then reconnect and try to start your car again.

If your car still can’t start after doing that. It could be battery dead, and you should try using jumper cables- we mean you need ropes and other car co connect your battery to that car.

2. Ignition Switch Problem

So, if you know for sure that nothing happened with your car battery, and you still can’t start, it could be the ignition switch problem. And in most of the case, it could be bad ignition switch.

How to Identify?

There are three common signs of the ignition switch problem. Firstly, when starting your car, you will not hear anything, but the dashboard lights are on. And the second sign is that your vehicle will start and stall suddenly. The last common symptom is that you can’t turn the key in your ignition switch. 

Problem Description

So, let’s follow our instructions! First, you should use your ignition switch by turning the key to the starting position. It would help if you allowed it to come back to the place. If the warning lights go out, you need to fix your ignition switch.

You may be in the problem if one of your starter motors is a fault or your car’s ignition switch isn’t working correctly.

Why Won't My Car Start

Ignition switch problem

This is What You Should Do

First, you can try moving the gear to neutral and see if your car can start or not. If there is no improvement, we are afraid that you should call for a tow and move your car to the garage.

3. The Fuel Filter and Gas Problem

Well, because your car runs mainly by using fuel, you should think of this problem when you can’t start your vehicle.

How to Identify?

If there is any problem with your fuel filter and gas, your engine will make a clicking sound when starting, but your engine won’t fire. Of course, it may be because your car’s engine is too old. But if you have a new car, and you still have to face the situation, let’s think what the last time you change the fuel filter is?

Problem Description

If you are on a long journey without refueling, your car’s gas tank will be empty. And it is a reason why your vehicle won’s start. Besides, if your fuel filter is not clean, it will inhibit the gasoline to reach the engine. And your truck won’s begin.

Why Won't My Car Start

Don’t forget to replace fuel filter regularly

This is What You Should Do

Have you known that you have to change the fuel filters every 10.000 to 15.000 miles? If you have not, please keep it in your mind because it will help to prevent the screen from getting clogged.

In the emergency case, you can try with the gas pedal and keep it down entirely and then crank the engine. It will help to clear the clogged dirt in the filter and keep it out of the combustion chamber.

Well, if it is a gas problem, you should wrap your wallet and feed your car with some gas. Or if you are on the road, call a service to bring you something.


So, above are the three most common reasons why my car won’t start. And it all comes with the identification as well as the solutions for each case. Next time, if you can’t start your car, please first try to turn the key in the ignition to see if it a bad ignition switch or not.

If you can turn the key, but you still can’t start the car. Please try to turn on the lights. If you can turn the lights on, it is an ignition switch problem. If you can’t, it is a battery problem.

And if you can turn the light and hear the cranking sound when you start your car, it could be a fuel filter or gas problems. There are some cases you can fix on your own, but in some particular circumstances, you should call for help.

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  1. Thank you for mentioning how it is smart to have your car towed to a repair shop if it won’t start due to ignition switch problems. My younger brother’s car won’t start for that exact reason and he needs it to be fixed as soon as possible so he can drive to work next week. I’ll help him find a reliable towing service that he can hire to pick up his car so he can get it fixed.


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