Yokohama Avid Ascend GT Review: Super Comfortable Touring Tire

yokohama avid ascend gt review

Driving down the road for several hours at a time can be pretty exhausting, especially if your car isn’t very quiet. The science backs this up – noise can really mess up with our brains and make us tired. Most importantly, noise can also make you lose concentration, which is certainly not something you want in a car. Mostly, the noise that you hear while driving on the highway comes from the tires.

Obviously, then, choosing a quieter set of tires will make longer journeys much more bearable. Such a tire is the Yokohama Avid Ascend GT. Specified as grand-touring all-season tire, the Yokohama focuses on outstanding comfort and all-weather traction. But is it really any good? Check out in this detailed Yokohama Avid Ascend GT review!

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Yokohama YK-HTX Review: A Safe All-Season Choice for Light Truck and SUV

Yokohama YK-HTX Review

If your truck or SUV is a highway or city-dweller, the Yokohama YK-HTX is more than adequate for the job. It’s a bit more rugged than usual and can handle mild off-road driving. But it’s also refined for city streets and fast highways.

The Yokohama YK-HTX is a brilliant hybrid all-season tire. It’s a proper H/T tire but with a huge difference: it’s the X! I imagine the ‘HTX’ name probably stands for ‘highway-terrain cross-country’ because this is what the tire is all about.

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Yokohama Geolandar A/T G015 Review: All-Terrain Tire Developed for Drivers of Pickup Trucks and SUVs

Yokohama Geolandar A/T G015 Review

The Yokohama Geolandar A/T G015 is primed and ready for your next adventure! It offers superior off-road performance with high levels of comfort and refinement. Back in the old days, all-terrain tires were one-trick ponies. They offer assuring performance in off-road driving but suffer greatly on smooth roads. But with the advent of new tire technology and design, Yokohama was able to create a capable all-terrain tire with the smooth highway manners of a touring tire.

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Yokohama Avid Touring S Review: A Touring Tire Designed for All-Season Driving

Yokohama Avid Touring S Review

The Yokohama Avid Touring S is a touring tire designed for all-season driving. It’s a solid choice for compact cars, small hatchbacks, family sedans, small crossovers, and minivans. You are probably familiar with Yokohama’s Orange Oil-infused tires that offer lower rolling resistance and stronger performance in wet and cold weather. Sadly, Yokohama decided to use a different compound for the Avid Touring S.

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Yokohama Tornante Review: Does this tire fit your vehicle?

Yokohama Tornante Review

The Yokohama Tornante is a hybrid all-season tire. It combines high-performance capabilities with the benefits of a touring tire. In this review of the Yokohama Tornante, I’ll discuss the various features of the tire so you can make an informed decision.

Similar to other Yokohama tires, the Tornante has a conservative and rather plain-looking asymmetric tread design. It may not look like a high-performance tire upon first glance, but a closer inspection will reveal the characteristics that makes it stand out from similar tires.

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Yokohama Avid Ascend Review: Does this tire fit your vehicle?

Yokohama Avid Ascend Review

Welcome to my review of the Yokohama Avid Ascend! Without a doubt, this is one of the popular choices in Yokohama’s impressive range of all-season tires. The Avid Ascend is capable of excellent wet and dry performance. It is an all-season high-performance tire with the comfort and ride silence of a touring tire. This means a sticky set of rubber that won’t ruffle your feathers over bumpy roads.

But the Yokohama Avid Ascend is not just serious about performance. The touring DNA is also responsible for the excellent wear characteristics. If there’s a kink in the armor of the Yokohama Avid Ascend, it will have to be the price. It is a more expensive option and will cost upwards of $500 for a set of four tires.

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