How to Stretch Tires: Is it Safe?

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The term stretched tires is still quite new to many people. This is a technique to fit the tire to the tire rim. Or we can imagine that fitting a tire does not belong to it. Are you curious about what a tire is stretching and is it safe? Join us to find out!

How To Stretch Tires

Stretching tires make the car more beautiful

It seems like a new term, but it has been around for many years and is very popular with car lovers. I will introduce a little bit about this term.

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What is stretching of tires?

Each vehicle will have a proper tire design. But, there are some tire designs that are either unsatisfactory for the user. In fact, the refined rim design also enhances the beauty of the vehicle. This is an art form. Thus, the technique of stretching tires was born. The purpose is to make tires that fit the different tires. This is an aesthetic enhancement for tires.

Stretch the tire so that the rim does not break when the tire does not fit. There are some hobbyists who want their tires to look tight. It can say that this is an aesthetic measure for cars. But, the bad thing is that stretching tires causes the car’s performance to decrease. The performance of stretching tires is always much worse than normal tires.

Popular tire stretching techniques

The most common way is to use fire. We can recognize that because of the material of the tire. The tires made of rubber so fire helps stretch the rubber of a tire. This is the most common and easy way. But, it also requires some technical and careful workmanship.

How To Stretch Tires

People use fire to stretched tires

First, you must know the size of the tire and rim. Because we need to drop the size difference between these two things. So we use tire stretching techniques. You should examine the designs and sizes. Although it is possible to stretch the tires, this method is always applicable. After all, tires and rims are not made to fit each other’s size.

Once you have chosen the right tire, proceed to use flame retardants. This works to perform the stretching technique. Note that this way is quite dangerous. We do not recommend doing it yourself at home without the tools. It is best to visit car repair and care shops.

You can use any kind of flammable substance according to your ability. People often use gas or gasoline. These are easy to find substances and not too expensive. Before spraying gasoline on tires, please clean the tire. Because a lot of sandy soil clings to tires, you should clean them first. Then spray flame retardant around the tire slot.

After making sure there is enough flammable material around the rim of the tire. When the fire enters the tire. This process needs your carefulness and quickness. Refer to some videos on stretching tires, this technique is not thought to be too difficult. But, if you are not careful, you can catch fire at any time and be dangerous. We should not play with fire anyway.

Are Stretched Tires Safe?

There is one thing we need to say: If the stretched tires unsafely then no one will use it. But, we can not conclude that the safety tire stretching. Because this is a technique that makes a smaller tire fit into its rim. This is a reluctance. Thus, it seems that this technique is both safe and unsafe.

How To Stretch Tires

Are stretching tires have good or bad effects?

This technique will be nothing to worry about if you know a careful way. You should use tires of good quality, thick rubber covers, and high quality. So when using fire on the tire, it will not broke. The nature of stretching a tire is to use fire to stretch the tire. This will make the tire thinner than the original. When a good quality tire used, its failure time may come later.

But, when you overuse this technique, it will be very dangerous. Because this is a reluctance. When you stretch the tire, it will be thinner than usual. When the tire is not as thick as its original thickness, it will affect the durability of a tire. Thin tires will break faster. Your car may leak a tire in the middle of the road. This is completely possible.

Moreover, when the tires lengthen, you will not be able to use them more. When entering corners or difficult roads, the friction of the tire will not be the same as before. This is quite dangerous when you use the car. Moreover, the shelf life of tires lasts not long. This will cost you a lot of money to repair or replace your tires.

The legality of stretching tires

Tension technology has appeared in recent years. This is a technique to beautify your car. Everyone likes beauty. But this is a coercive beauty method. It more or less affects the quality of the tires. This makes the vehicle dangerous to use.

That said, there is no official law that says they ban tire stretching. But, the laws are different from each other. Before deciding to stretch your tires, you should study the laws in your area and where you often go. Be careful is never lacking.

Besides, you should be careful with your vehicle insurance. Some manufacturers do not accept stretched tires. This means that when the car has a problem, there will be some trouble when you bring the warranty. Some manufacturers may accept stretched tires. Some do not. Make sure what you want to do is beneficial for you!


This article has mentioned a sensitive technique. We cannot deny the aesthetics that this work offers. But, you should also pay attention to safety methods. If you have any experience with stretching, don’t be afraid to leave a comment. Stay tuned, we will comeback with some quality articles very soon.

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