How to Remove Scratches from Windshield: Step by Step Guide

If your car’s glass bears minor scratches, you need to find a reliable guide on how to remove scratches from the windshield step by step. Check it out now!

How to Remove Scratches from Windshield

Remove deep scratches from the car windshield

As you know, to finish a windshield scratch repair, there are some steps you must follow to get the task done. Please note that the whole process here would be better when completed by an expert. This will help avoid further damage and minor mistakes.

Little scratches must be solved instantly once spotted since the repair can restore the window’s integrity. Here’s how to remove scratches from the windshield step by step efficiently.

How to Remove Scratches from Windshield

Here’s our 7 Step guide on fixing the scratches from the windshield. Above all, let’s look into the glass of your vehicle to determine the exact depth of the scratches. It’s time to learn how:

1. Determine the depth of your windshield scratches

How to Remove Scratches from Windshield

Check the scratches with fingernails

Do it with your fingernails! Whenever feeling these scratches while you run the fingernail over them, then an expert is the one you need at that moment. That’s because a professional own more modern tools and advanced compounds to repair scratches and cracks.

2. Prepare your auto glass repair kit

Get yourself ready with a proper auto glass repair kit at first, which is necessary to fix your scratched windshield. Importantly, ensure to include the rubbing compound that contains the cerium oxide in this kit.

It can cure any defect on the glass effectively. This is an amazing solution for you to fix all deep scratches. Its chemical substance is commonly used in jewelry industries thanks to its low-abrasive characteristics. It works well on polishing glass, metal, and ceramic stuff.

Besides, there are many other supplies you freely use, such as the acrylic scratch remover, glass cleaner, baking soda, and toothpaste. The first one is the alternative of the cerium oxide and it does works on minor scratches.

If you’re looking for something cheaper, go for the toothpaste. But this requires you to gain many applications to do the task. For instance, make sure to have the baking soda to mix with the normal white toothpaste. Surely, it works perfectly as a rubbing compound.

For those using the acrylic scratch remover, it’s a great choice after the clear nail polish. If not, you still can rely on cerium oxide which is often used on glass and ceramic. 

3. Clean up the scratched spots

How to Remove Scratches from Windshield

Wipe off debris and dirt on the glass

Before you take action with your repair kit, let’s clean the glass of your car from dirt and debris. Do it on the scratched spots carefully with a microfiber cloth and a glass cleaner. Spray it on the impacted areas and start a good wipe. Next, dry up the surface and then apply the scratch remover.

Remember that you have no reason to wipe off the whole glass since you’re likely to leave the fingerprints here. Also, do not think of using ordinary soap! We recommend you to mix water and distilled vinegar in equal parts. When there are stubborn stains on the glass, use the specialty remover.

Do not forget about using tape to cover all edges of the windshield. Doing so will help prevent the substance from splashing on other parts of the vehicle.

4. Mark the scratched spots

Put on the gloves, mask, and goggles while using the cerium oxide. During the process, it’ll be quite challenging to see where the scratches are on the glass. 

Therefore, you always have to mark the areas you need to work on. Just outline the scratches with a marker on the other side of the glass, and put a tape on the opposite side.

5. Use the glass repair kit

Now it’s time to avail the rubbing compound on the car’s windshield. Apply it with a soft cloth. Don’t worry because most of the rubbing compounds are similar to the toothpaste, so it’s not hard to apply and spread it on the surface. 

Next, sprinkle a little water on the compound. Use the cloth and rub the compound gently on the windshield.

For making the rubbing compound, use a spatula to mingle the cerium oxide powder with water in a bowl. Blend these two ingredients together until they create a slurry. Store a little amount of water in hand in case the mixture starts to dry out during the process.

As it comes to toothpaste, it’s best to use one teaspoon of baking soda and a quarter of toothpaste tubes. Blend them with water until the mixture is made. Keep everything on hand since you might mix up more to use.

6. Buff out the scratches on the windshield

You need to fill in the scratches with cerium oxide and then buff them out for a clearer repair.

Take a buffing machine to get rid of scratches on the finish. This is a crucial procedure that you cannot miss.

Make sure the buffer is specially made for the glass surface. Only utilize the buffer at the lowest level to polish the affected spots within ten seconds. Since the rubbing compound could dry up so fast, you must polish it fast.

Keep buffing the scratched areas until they have smoothed out. Never let the buffer reach the painting layer. For better results, put the cerium oxide onto a cloth and then wipe it on the scratches.

7. Leave the rubbing compound dry

It usually takes 30 minutes for your compound to dry completely. Once dried, you can wash the entire windshield. Lastly, you will have a clearer and smoother glass without any scratch in it. 

Final word

Now you’ve learned how to remove scratches from the windshield. But before trying any of these steps, let’s make sure your window is scratched, not cracked. If not, there’s no way for you to repair it. It needs to be fixed by an expert.

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