How to Save Money on Car Repairs

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As you know, car repairs can be extremely expensive whether it is a small or large problem. In the current era, there are lots of expenses to spend every day, people tightening their belts trying to save money on car repairs makes sense. Many people waste money when it comes to the maintenance of their cars when this money could go towards other household essentials. Fortunately, there are measures that can be taken to save money on car repairs, including extending your car warranty or even doing some jobs yourself.

How To Save Money On Car Repairs

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Looking for the best advice

When seeking advice of any kind often you would try and get a second opinion for peace of mind. So why not do this when it comes to maintaining your car? Luckily, obtaining a quote at a service station is free of charge, so get as many quotes as possible and choose the cheapest. Most people would accept the first thing that is put to them by a mechanic. If you ask another mechanic for their opinion they will be able to back up what you have already been told or give you a fresh perspective on your car.

Importantly you will be able to get a new estimate on costs. This can save you a large amount of money as the quotes are given by mechanics can vary greatly. Some quotes may be as much as 50% lower than other ones you have been given.

When you go to the service station try to be as assertive as possible. Often people will put their car in for a minor job or repair and then they are told that a number of costly jobs are required for the vehicle. That’s how car mechanics work. This is another example of how gaining a second opinion can be a wise move. If you use one mechanic or garage and every time they tell you that you need extra jobs doing then you might want to look around for a new mechanic.

Learn the shop around for car parts

The mark up on car parts can be huge so it would be sensible to look for other options if you are looking to buy parts. If you don’t know how to carry out the repair on your car you can still shop around for cheaper car parts and then take them to the service station so you only have to pay for the work done. You may be able to find the parts you need in major auto parts stores and these will normally be cheaper than at the mechanic’s garage.

Classifieds magazines may also sell the parts you require so it is worth scouring a few of these. Also, have a look around scrap yards and recycling centers to see what parts you can pick up there. Finding your own car parts can save you a substantial sum of money over a period of time.

How To Save Money On Car Repairs

Car Warranty Options

If you’re driving a relatively new car with a recently expired manufacturer’s warranty, you might want to consider obtaining a car warranty package. For a few hundred dollars a year you will have breakdown insurance that will cover repair costs of the main parts and systems. There are so many car warranty dealers out there that you really want to shop around and compare prices. Also, pay attention to the small print to avoid nasty surprises. Different packages have different levels of coverage. Many policies don’t cover the electrical systems, which is something that often goes bust even on new cars.

Be Your Own Mechanic

Some car repairs can be very complicated and you will need a mechanic to carry out the work. But other minor repairs you can do yourself. Service stations will often charge you high fees for minor repairs so you can save big here on repair costs. You can use free self-help guides on the internet to learn more about these repairs or if you have a few dollars spare, buy a service manual book. For example, if a car bulb goes out you can purchase the bulb for less than a dollar and replace it yourself saving a significant amount of money. Changing oils and fluids is another thing that you should consider doing yourself. It doesn’t take much skill to do but will save hundreds of dollars every year.

You may feel that for your convenience it may be better just to hire a mechanic to do your car repairs. But every little bit of money counts and over time small savings all add up. You never know when this money could come in handy.

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