How to change car tires with simple steps?

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When you’re driving at 60 miles per hour on the motorway, the only things holding you to the road are four pieces of rubber – your tires. If one of those tires were to rupture or blow, as often happens, the results could quite literally be devastating. Fortunately, it’s very easy to take care of your car’s tires and to change a tire on your car should the need arise. By following our simple steps, your safety can be assured, and you will continue your journey safely.

How to change car tires with simple steps

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Take out the spare tire and the jack and proceed to remove broken tires

In order to change a car tire, you first need to jack your car up. Your car should come with a jack but these can be bought cheaply from most maintenance stores. Ensuring your ignition is off and your handbrake is on, loosen the wheel nuts slightly and place the jack under the jacking point on the underside of your car. Carefully use the jack to raise the vehicle up to a point where you can easily remove the existing tire and have enough room to fit the new tire to the car.

With the wheel nuts already loosened, you should be able to remove them completely. Start with the left- and right-hand nuts and leave the top one until last to ensure you don’t bend or snap the wheel bolts. Maybe have a friend hold the tire whilst you remove it. When all the wheel nuts are removed, carefully remove the tire and place it carefully on the ground, being careful not to scratch the rims or alloys.

How to change car tires with simple steps

Place the spare tire on the hub and tighten the nuts

Carefully place the new wheel on the car in place of the old one and ensure it sits snugly on the bolts with the help of a friend before tightening the wheel nuts. Tighten the nuts lightly, giving yourself enough room to maneuver the wheel and ensure it is sat tightly on the bolts. Make sure the tire is the right way round and that the air valve is facing you. You can refer to your other wheels to make sure it looks right before putting it on. Slowly lower the jack. When your wheel touches the road, tighten the bolts securely.

You should check your tires’ air pressure regularly to give better fuel economy and ensure even tread wear. In addition, you should rotate the tires every 7,500 miles to increase the life of each tire. With smooth and even braking, you reduce the risk of skidding which can damage tires. Careful parking ensures you don’t bash your tires on curbs, which will also affect their lifespan. Following these measures will save you time, hassle and money.

Final, put the old tire in your trunk and take it to a mechanic to fix it. Before that, you should ask for a quote for repairing broken tires. If small punctures tire can usually be repaired for less than $20. If the tire is not repairable, You can throw it away or use it for other purposes.

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