How to Remove Plasti Dip from Rims: Step by Step Guide

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Have you wondered how to remove Plasti Dip from rims? Don’t worry because you’ll learn the safest and most effective way to do it!

How to Remove Plasti Dip from Rims

Getting rid of that Plasti Dip from wheels

It’s pretty funny to know that some people love using plasti dip on the cars while others like to remove it. So what everyone wonders here is how to remove plasti dip from rims without affecting the car.

Plasti dip doesn’t only help customize the paint but also protect your bumpers. Don’t be anxious and think that getting rid of it can be a big challenge. You’ll do the right thing by reading this article.

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What is Plasti Dip?

How to Remove Plasti Dip from Rims

Plasti Dip products offer a wide range of rubber coating solutions

It’s a flexible rubber coating specially applied to something by dipping it in the liquid. Or you can spray it onto the surface from the aerosol spray. Besides, plasti dip is commonly known as the liquid rubber car wrap paint.

Together with a brand new look, this product also offers a layer of protection against the weather conditions. It’s availed to guard the coated surfaces against the corrosion, abrasion, moisture, slipping and more. Besides, this coating solution donates convenience to gripping and delivers a vivid appearance on the rims.

Undoubtedly, applying this is as easy as spraying in the colour of choice. What makes plasti dip different from other kinds of paints and sealants is that it can get peeled off by hand.

We can apply it to every smooth solid surface such as plastic, metal, glass, and wood.

Things to avoid doing before removing plasti dip from rims

Before finding out how to remove plasti dip without making your car look patchy, we need to know what you need to stay away. Below are some strategies you can’t ignore while doing this:

Apply powerful cleaners

Watch out when using any harsh chemical or acid, especially as you’ve got a bottle of chemical available at home. It might be the acid that can go through rust or a grout cleaner. 

In any case, it shouldn’t be the right time to try them. It’s true a few of these chemicals probably help eradicate plasti dip. But the consequence you receive will be the eternal damage to your car.

Importantly, never make further effort to create your own plasti dip removal recipe. Blending several solutions or merely using them for this purpose is quite dangerous.

Use metal-edged blades on the car

While removing plasti dip, do not use a sharp scraper or metal blade on the vehicle. Even when you have confidence that you won’t ever make a mistake, worse things still happen. You might get the substance off, but in return, scratching your car. Is it worth taking the risk?

How to remove plasti dip from rims

As we claimed, you can do this safely. Here are a few quick and effective steps on how to remove plasti dip from rims to note down:

1. Avoid irritation by covering your face

Your job will involve spraying during the process, so it’s best to cover the face with a safety mask to dodge any possible infection. Let’s prepare yourself a facemask first so that you won’t inhale any chemicals. This is also the first step to follow on how to remove plasti dip from rims. 

2. Spray to loosen the wrap

How to Remove Plasti Dip from Rims

Loosening up the wrap from wheels

There are many sprays available in the market, which can help people remove plasti dip with ease. These products are generally made to loosen the adhesive sticking the wrap tightly to the vehicle. In other words, using the sprays would help get rid of the plastic wrap without damaging your car.

3. Peel it off gently

Following the spray, you only need more time to leave it there. This stage is the best way to take the plasti dip from rims effectively. Wait for five minutes before moving forward to observe the situation. You will see the wrap gets loosen little by little, which is a great time to peel it off. 

Naturally, it depends on the plasti dip’s thickness or how easily it comes off. Once the wrap feels thin, you can peel it off without trying hard. But don’t panic, it’s not so challenging to do this!

4. Search for the edges of the wrap

Trust us because peeling off the cover will be never a hard task. If you follow the right steps, it’s fast to do it without difficulty by yourself. Now the wrap has loosened, let’s use the metallic object to seek the edges. Doing so helps you pull the wrap off easier. 

Carry out the process from every side so that the cover comes out from all sides. Whenever feeling somewhere that the wrap is thick to pull off, it’s best to use some loosening spray and leave it there for a while. If this can’t help, repeat from the start.

5. Clean up and wipe off as much as possible 

The rims of your car will be left with the bad leftover (dust, debris, and stickiness) after the removal. Stop panicking, take a rag to wipe it off as much as possible.

Prepare a bucket of soapy water and a sponge to give your wheel a good wash and a rubber. Start rinsing off the wheel with a hose. At last, dry it up and then place it back on the vehicle. Wait for the rims to get dried up, apply chrome polishes to them. They make the car’s rims shiny and brand new.

Final word

Now you know how to remove plasti dip from rims. Why don’t you try it now at home and see how it really works for your car? Though it feels a bit time-consuming from the start, as long as you do it repeatedly, it will get more accessible than you thought.

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