How to Make Tires Black Again

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After many days of using the car on different roads, your tires are not as shiny as the first day. Tires will worn, pale and even cracked after a period of use. How to make tires black again without having to change them? Do you want better tires and still keep your tire quality? We will answer in this article.

How to make tires black again

How to make tires black again

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The reason you should make tires black again

Tires are the direct friction against the road surface. After a period of use, discoloration and cracking will occur, losing the grip of the tire. Besides, the road surface has worn out tire spikes after a period of use. The rubber material of tires has very good elasticity. But over time, the abrasion of tires causes rubber surfaces to lose friction. This is dangerous for the driver.

Blackening tires also have a lot of technical benefits. When the tires are black, you can prevent rubber cracking early. When the tire is well cared for, the toughness and durability of the tire increases. Moreover, you will not encounter a tire explosion or deflated tire when using.

Blackening tires for aesthetic reasons. When the tire faded, it looked no longer shiny and less luxurious. Glossy black tires contribute to making your car look new and more luxurious.

The chemicals used to make tires black again in 2024

How to make tires black again

The chemicals used to make tires black again

The simplest and most common way is to use oil. Oil is an easy-to-use, cost-effective substance. How to black tire oil is simple. You need to clean the tire, wait for the tire to dry and apply oil on it. But, this way has some limitations.

Oil adhesion on tires is not durable. After a short time, the oil layer drifts after contact with the water. If you do not have the experience, you will make them appear slippery when traveling. Currently, on the market, there are many types of specialized tire polishing solutions.

These types are very diverse with many prices. You can choose the product that suits your economic conditions. These substances often have many effects on tires. For example, making the car more glossy helps prevent cracking on tires. Some also work against harmful UV rays from the sun.

Besides, there is a substance called young rubber (also known as silicon) to black the tires. This is a substance used in car repair shops. They use it to patch tires when the tires punctured.

This substance also works to black the tires when you put them into a solution. But, if you have no experience with vehicles, you should not use this method. If used in the wrong dosage, this substance will make the tires harder and more damaged.

How to make tires black again in 2024: Step by step

1. First of all, you have to clean the tires

The exterior of the vehicle and especially the tires will cling to a lot of dirt after use. The dirt clings a lot to your tires. Thus, you should clean them before refurbishing. Besides, when the tires clean, the chemicals will grip and keep the color longer.

How to make tires black again

Clean the tire before blackening

Remember to clean the tire grooves. Those are the places that get the most dirt. It is very important to note that you should not use brushes to clean tires. The brush will scratch and abrasion the tire, the tire will be more likely to damage. Use water spray instead. You should use a high-strength special nozzle. If not, you can use a regular hose and grasp the end of the pipe to increase the force of water.

After making sure your tires are completely clean, let the tires dry. Then use some type of gel or tire balm. These act as a lining to protect your tires. After these substances dry and completely stick to the tire, move on to the second step.

2. The second step is to use tire blackeners

Depending on the type of chemical you use, they will have different uses. Some solutions need to mix with water, some solutions can spray on the tires. You need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. The manufacturer-guaranteed ratios ensure that your tires are glossy black. Do not overuse chemicals, they will cause the opposite effect if you use the wrong dose.

Most tire blackening requires use with a brush or cloth. Notice that there is also a special brush for blackening the tires. Do not use regular brushes, they will not work in black paint tires. Some brushes also cause tire damage. Invest in an inexpensive specialized brush, you should invest them.

After blackening the tires, let the solution dry and have a firm grip on the tires. Some chemicals work right when you are doing them, some are dry before you have the gloss. Besides, do not use the car immediately after you proceed to black the tires. Let the tires rest for at least a day so that the substance can create a certain grip on the tires.

A few small notes

Do not abuse the tire blackener! You should not darken your tire too often. Use only when the tires are too worn out and degraded. If used too often, it will cause side effects. The chemicals will make your tires break down and reduce the life of the tire.

Beware of deceptive tactics on the market. Today many people abuse their love of glossy black tires to make money. They use low-quality tires that only blacken and look like new. But, after a period of use, these poor quality tires are easy to wear and dangerous to the driver. You choose to buy tires or tire blackening service at reputable establishments.


This article has covered how to black the tires and the chemicals used to black the tires. Don’t forget the notes at the end. Hope this article is helpful for you. If you have any experience blackening your tires, do not hesitate to share them with us. Stay tuned, we will come back with a lot of other useful articles!

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