Top 10 Best Tires for Nissan Rogue: Recommended & Reviews

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The Nissan Rogue is a frequent sight on American roads, which is expected – it is the company’s best-selling vehicle there. Known for its excellent versatility and supreme comfort, the Rogue is one of the best crossovers for families and people that cover a lot of miles annually. The Rogue is also very cheap to maintain throughout the years, and reasonably reliable.

However, you will still need to invest in good tires from time to time. If you don’t do that, you risk driving with worn-out rubber that can’t offer safe traction and braking, especially on wet surfaces. The best tires for Nissan Rogue should be able to give you outstanding traction regardless of the weather outside. Like the vehicle itself, they should also be durable and reliable and offer high levels of comfort.

There are a lot of tires on the market that can satisfy the needs of Rogue owners in North America. However, not a single one of them works for everybody. It is simple – everyone experiences different weather conditions in their areas. Some people even drive more aggressively than others, which is another thing that effects tires. On top of that, there are people that cover 10,000-miles annually, and people that cover 20,000-miles annually.

Choosing the right set of Nissan Rogue tires for you might prove to be difficult, specifically because there are dozens of options on the market. Luckily, we are here to help. In this article, we will give you our list of the Top 10 best tires for Nissan Rogue. Our list is divided into several categories, so everyone can find a product that suits their needs perfectly.

We will take things even further with our buying guide, made for people that don’t know much about Nissan Rogue tires. There, you can learn everything there is to know about tires for Nissan Rogue and why both the weather and driving style make a big difference.

Top 10 List of The Best Tires for Nissan Rogue are Recommended & Reviews

1. Continental CrossContact LX20 with EcoPlus Technology

Best Touring Tires for Nissan Rogue

Best Tires For Nissan Rogue

Continental’s touring tire for crossovers packs a lot of punch in a value-driven proposition. Nissan Rogue owners will be pleased to know that this is one of the quietest tires on the market right now, and also one of the most comfortable.

Despite that, the LX20 doesn’t disappoint on the road. It provides the driver with excellent traction and grip in both dry and wet conditions. It is also very stable on the highway and has low-rolling resistance for better fuel economy.

Finally, the CrossContact LX20 is offered with a 70,000-mile treadwear warranty, an excellent result that is bettered by only a few competitors.


  • Excellent handling in dry conditions
  • Very good performance in wet conditions
  • Plush ride quality
  • Quiet on the highway
  • Improves fuel economy


  • Some competitors offer better treadwear warranty

2. Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza Plus

Best Touring Tires for Nissan Rogue

Best Tires For Nissan Rogue

Bridgestone’s entry into crossover touring tires is a real best-seller and even used as an OEM option on some cars. This tire deserves the accolades with an 80,000-mile treadwear warranty, which is the best in the category.

On the road, the Alenza Plus lacks ultimate responsiveness, but that’s not something the regular driver would notice. More importantly, grip, traction, and braking are all excellent, both on dry and wet surfaces, and even in light snow.

Finally, the Dueler H/L Alenza Plus offers plush ride quality and low noise at highway speeds, which is always welcome in this category.


  • Outstanding comfort and quietness levels
  • Best-in-class durability record
  • Very good performance in dry and wet conditions
  • Usable in light snow


  • Not the most responsive tire around

3. Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season Plus

Best Touring Tires for Nissan Rogue

Best Tires For Nissan Rogue

The Pirelli Scorpion Verde offers better responsiveness than almost every other touring tire. This elevates the driving experience, especially on twisty roads. The responsiveness is accompanied by high levels of grip and traction, both on dry and wet surfaces, as well as light snow. High-speed stability is also great.

Like most premium touring tires, the Scorpion Verde offers a smooth ride and quiet rolling on the highway. Sadly, though, the Italian manufacturer doesn’t offer a competitive warranty. A 65,000-miles treadwear warranty is still pretty good, but lesser than its main rivals.


  • Excellent handling on dry roads
  • Outstanding wet traction and braking
  • Very quiet and comfortable


  • Only 65,000-mile treadwear warranty

4. Michelin Premier LTX

Best Touring Tires for Nissan Rogue

Best Tires For Nissan Rogue

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In a way, the Michelin Premier LTX almost resembles a performance tire. It is supremely responsive and provides the driver with precise and direct steering. On top of that, it offers outstanding grip and traction in dry conditions, as well as strong braking.

Thanks to the Expanding Rain Grooves around the circumference and Emerging Grooves across the shoulders, wet performance is among the best in the category as well. Like most Michelin tires, comfort is excellent, despite the focus on performance.

However, the Premier LTX only comes with a 60,000-mile treadwear warranty, which is low, especially given the higher price than its competitors.


  • Best-in-class responsiveness
  • Outstanding grip and traction in dry conditions
  • Excellent wet traction and grip
  • Supremely quiet and comfortable


  • Limiting 60,000-mile treadwear warranty
  • Expensive

5. Goodyear Assurance CS Fuel Max

Best Touring Tires for Nissan Rogue

Best Tires For Nissan Rogue

The Goodyear Assurance CS Fuel Max is truly a tire for every weather. It possesses a Wet Tread Zone for excellent handling and braking during rainy weather – enough to be near the top in its category.

The Dry Tread Zone, on the other hand, helps immensely on dry roads, elevating responsiveness, traction, grip, and braking. The Assurance CS Fuel Max is excellent in light snow as well.

That said, Goodyear’s competitor in the touring category isn’t the most comfortable tire around. It is quiet but doesn’t offer a supremely smooth ride quality. The 65,000-mile treadwear warranty also trails its closest rivals.


  • Responsive handling
  • Outstanding dry and wet traction
  • Very good hydroplaning resistance
  • Fuel-saving tread compound
  • Usable in light snow


  • Not the most comfortable tire in its category
  • Only 65,000-mile warranty

6. General AltiMAX RT43

Best Touring Tires for Nissan Rogue

Best Tires For Nissan Rogue

The General AltiMAX RT43 is one of the safest choices in its price range. Despite the budget-oriented price, General’s product offers excellent responsiveness, accompanied by high levels of grip and traction, almost on the level of the best premium tires. Wet traction and braking are also excellent, even in light snow.

Like the best touring tires, the ride quality is plush, and there is not a lot of noise on the highway. The treadwear warranty is outstanding as well – at 75,000-miles (T rated models), and 65,000-miles (H & V rated models), the RT43 beats even some premium competitors.


  • Very good responsiveness in dry conditions
  • Very good traction in wet conditions
  • Quiet and comfortable
  • Long-lasting treadlife


  • Slightly worse overall performance than premium competitors

7. Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring

Best Touring Tires for Nissan Rogue

Best Tires For Nissan Rogue

The CS5 Ultra Touring is the newest Cooper tire in the grand-touring category. It comes at a lower price than its premium competitors, yet it offers excellent qualities across the board.

On the road, the CS5 Ultra Touring provides the driver with excellent responsiveness, as well as excellent handling and braking on dry and wet surfaces. It is also very comfortable and quiet.

The 70,000-mile treadwear warranty is another great advantage it has over its nearest competitors in the budget segment. That said, light snow traction could be better.


  • Outstanding responsiveness and grip on dry pavement
  • Excellent traction on wet surfaces
  • Very good braking performance
  • Low price
  • Excellent treadlife


  • Worse snow traction than premium competitors

8. Michelin Defender LTX M/S

Best Highway Tires for Nissan Rogue

Best Tires For Nissan Rogue

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If you plan on towing or hauling with your Rogue, or driving on gravel and dirt roads, there is no better tire than the Defender LTX. Designed to meet the needs of crossover, SUV, and truck drivers, this tire destroys its competition in every segment.

Like most Michelin tires, the Defender LTX M/S is very quiet and comfortable, yet it still provides outstanding high-speed stability and handling. Like every other Michelin tire, the Defender LTX works on dry and wet roads equally. Nonetheless, we would’ve wanted better light-snow traction.

The treadwear warranty is excellent, though; at 70,000-miles, it is the record-holder in the highway category.


  • Excellent dry handling in warm and cold conditions
  • Outstanding wet traction
  • Can be used for towing and hauling
  • Quiet and comfortable


  • Not the best option for harsh wintry conditions

9. Michelin CrossClimate SUV

Best All-Weather Tires for Nissan Rogue

Best Tires For Nissan Rogue

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The Michelin CrossClimate SUV is truly a tire that can attack any climate you throw at it. In warm conditions, it is responsive enough, and grips the road very well, both on dry and wet surfaces.

In freezing conditions, it beats any other all-season tire, especially when it comes to light-snow and ice traction. However, there is a price to pay to have all these abilities in one tire – the CrossClimate SUV only comes with a 50,000-mile treadwear warranty.


  • Excellent light-snow traction
  • Responsive and grippy
  • Outstanding wet traction and braking


  • Only 50,000-mile treadwear warranty

10. Bridgestone Blizzak WS90

Best Winter Tires for Nissan Rogue

Best Tires For Nissan Rogue

The WS90 is the newest addition to the Blizzak family and probably the best Nissan Rogue winter tire right now. The NanoPro Tech Multicell compound with water-loving hydrophilic coating and EdgePerformance Technology Package give it an edge over the competition.

In the winter, the Blizzak WS90 provides the driver with the shortest braking distances and the best traction on dry, wet, snowy, and icy surfaces.

That said, Bridgestone still doesn’t offer any treadwear warranty in their Blizzak lineup, something that we hope they would rectify in the near future.


  • Outstanding traction and braking in the snow
  • Excellent handling in dry and wet conditions
  • Works on ice as well


  • No treadwear warranty

Best Tires for Nissan Rogue: Buying Guide

1. Touring Tires are the Best Choice for the Average Nissan Rogue Drivers

Touring tires for crossovers and SUVs are the most popular type on the market right now. These tires are also consistently installed out of the factory on vehicles like the Nissan Rogue.

There is a reason why they are so popular – they perfectly fit the needs of the average Rogue driver. If you mostly use this vehicle to transport your family around, the best tires for Nissan Rogue are touring tires.

The main advantage of these tires is value. Even the best premium touring tires aren’t very expensive to buy, especially when compared to other tire types. They are also available in many different sizes, covering many different crossovers and SUVs.

Most importantly, though, touring tires are extremely durable. The tread life of these products is simply amazing lately – one set of tires might last you up to 6 full years! Or even more for those that replace them with winter tires during the winter.

Touring tires cover their outstanding durability with equally amazing warranties. The best touring tires today come with up to 80,000-mile treadwear warranty, which is crazy, to say the least.

Paired with the value-driven price, touring tires are by far the cheapest option on the market, both in the short and long term. So, if you plan on saving money on Nissan Rogue tires, without losing on safety, touring tires are the best bet.

But what about the driving experience? Well, you shouldn’t expect much from these tires if you are an enthusiast driver. Touring tires lack the grip levels of performance tires, which can be felt if you push too hard through the corners.

Luckily, the Nissan Rogue isn’t the first vehicle you’d think of for performance driving. The average Rogue owner wants a dependable and safe set of tires for everyday driving and touring tires certainly deliver here.

On the road, the best touring tires for Nissan Rogue offer predictable and safe handling, regardless of the weather outside. In other words, traction and grip are very good, both on dry and wet surfaces. These tires have especially good hydroplaning resistance, which means that they will work greatly in heavy rain.

Responsiveness is fine for everyday driving – the average driver would never feel the need for more direct handling. Finally, touring tires also offer short braking distances in dry and wet conditions.

The overall “bite” touring tires lack when driving fast through the corners reaps benefits in the comfort department. Touring tires offer a plush ride quality that your family will certainly like, even on very bumpy and uneven roads.

These tires are also supremely quiet at highway speeds. On modern cars like the Nissan Rogue, you probably won’t be able to hear the tire roar on the street, even when driving at 70 mph. Any other tire that you’d put on the Rogue will be louder.

2. Highway Tires are Good for Towing and Light Off-Road Terrains

Highway tires are similar to touring tires in most ways; they offer a plush and quiet ride on the street and highway and average levels of grip and traction on dry and wet surfaces. The main difference here is load ranges.

While touring tires are designed for lighter vehicles, highway tires are designed for heavier SUVs and trucks. Still, if you plan on towing with your Rogue, you might want to check highway tires; they handle better when loaded.

When it comes to durability, highway tires have a slightly shorter tread life than touring tires. The best highway tires for Nissan Rogue come with a 70,000-miles treadwear warranty. However, these models also have tougher casings that make them a better option for driving over gravel or dirt.

3. But What If I Still Want a More Responsive Driving Experience?

Truth be told, the Nissan Rogue isn’t the sportiest compact crossover right now. It was designed to be comfortable and quiet, while the engine is only a four-cylinder. However, if you still want to experience sharper handling in the corners, there is an option. They are called Street/Sport tires, and yes, they will significantly improve the overall handling of your car.

With a set of Street/Sport tires on your Rogue, the car will immediately feel more responsive. The steering will be more direct, and the front of the vehicle will react faster than before. Enthusiast drivers will certainly be happy when it comes to overall involvement.

More importantly, though, Street/Sport tires have higher levels of traction. This means that when you step on the gas pedal, the tires will immediately transfer the power to the ground without much slippage.

Furthermore, Street/Sport tires have a much higher grip. Thanks to that, you can enter the corners with higher speeds, and the vehicle will follow. It almost feels like driving on rails. Finally, these tires provide the driver with shorter braking distances as well.

Street/Sport tires work best on dry pavement. They are also better than touring tires in damp conditions, or during light rain. However, they might be a bit worse during heavy rain due to the less-prominent tread pattern.

When it comes to comfort, though, Street/Sport tires are worse than touring tires. They aren’t bad by any stretch of the imagination for sure. Nonetheless, they have a slightly busier ride on uneven roads and produce more noise on the highway.

Finally, these tires aren’t as durable as touring or highway tires. The tread compound on Street/Sport tires is stickier, which aids performance but also wears faster. The best tires for Nissan Rogue in this category usually come with a 50,000 to 60,000-miles treadwear warranty.

4. What About Off-Road Tires?

The Nissan Rogue is available with an intelligent AWD system, and also possesses high clearance. That said, owners of this crossover are unlikely to ever venture out of the road. And honestly, putting off-road focused tires on this soft-roader doesn’t look good. If you encounter gravel or dirt roads daily, we think that highway tires are an excellent option, especially because they have cut- and -chip-resistance casings that can withstand the harsh terrain.

5. What About the Weather?

The main differentiation between various tire types is based on the climate. More precisely, the surrounding temperature. That is because various tires achieve different performance results depending on the temperature.

The tread compound of all tires is designed to work in one temperature window. If you exceed that temperature window (warm and hot weather), the compound becomes too soft. The result of that softness is reduced responsiveness, less grip and traction, and worse high-speed stability.

On the other hand, if you go way below the temperature window (freezing weather), the compound becomes hard and brittle, almost like a glass. In this case, the tires don’t have the ability to stick to the road and lose traction and grip very quickly. This can be especially felt on wet surfaces.

Finally, the tread pattern also plays a big role. Tires designed for warmer weather have shallower tread that is only there for better wet traction. Winter tires, on the other hand, have very aggressive tread patterns with a lot of siping to better cope with snow and ice.

With all that said, all-season tires cover the needs of most people. The tread compound in these products works in a wide temperature range and can be used in very hot and very cold weather (dry and wet). For most people, all-season tires are a great choice.

However, bear in mind that all-season tires don’t offer the best performance anywhere. They are worse than summer tires in hot weather and much worse than winter tires in freezing weather and snow. The hot-weather difference can’t be felt on public roads, but the freezing-weather difference can.

If you live in areas with harsh wintry conditions, you might want to try all-weather tires. These models still belong to the all-season family of tires. However, the temperature window of these tires is slightly lower than on all-season tires.

This means that all-weather tires will perform slightly worse in warm conditions but better in cold conditions. All-weather tires also have more aggressive tread patterns that work great in light snow.

Nonetheless, winter tires still have the edge over all-weather tires. If you live in areas with a lot of snow throughout the winter, these tires are by far the best choice. They not only offer better snow and ice traction but also better handling in dry and wet conditions during the winter.

It’s the other way around during hot climates – summer tires are the king. They offer by far the best traction, grip, and braking, both on dry and wet surfaces. However, the summer compound today is mostly available on Street/Sport and high-performance tires.

Final Words

We are quite confident that if you choose a set of tires for Nissan Rogue from the list above, you’ll have a safe companion in the next few years. And, there is a reason why we didn’t include any cheap tires. In our testing, very cheap tires from Chinese manufacturers aren’t safe, especially on wet roads. They also have a shorter tread life and might be more expensive in the long run.

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