Tires Squeal When Turning Corners: Causes and Solutions

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Tires Squeal When Turning

A closeup of tires squeal when turning corners

Have you wondered why tires squeal when turning corners? This could be the sign of a problem with the tires or the wheels.

Did you just hear a strange sound once taking the car out for a drive? It warns you about any little malfunction that affects the entire vehicle. If it begins making weird noises while you’re still behind the wheel, let’s examine why your car squeals when turning the corners.

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Main reasons why tires become noisy

1. The condition of the roads

Tires Squeal When Turning

Road surface can cause the tires to roar

One of the largest factors causing the tire noise is the condition of the road the car moves. It’s common to see surfaces of the street making the tires roaring, especially those cobblestones, brick, or gravel ones. These uneven textures easily make your tires emit the rolling noises.

Tires tend to squeal during your acceleration, braking, or turns. When hearing the sound during your speed-up, it means the tire tread is skidding against the street surface. It goes like that to gain more traction. Meanwhile, turning sharp corners would lead the rubber to the lateral slide on the road, creating the sound.

Besides, highway conditions probably decline when moving into another state. This might make the street rougher than usual. Such sudden changes in street surfaces cause the tires to roar loudly. Finally, tread wear of the tire will deteriorate due to heavy use on extreme roads.

2. Decreased amount of power steering fluid

Besides, a car squeals when turning corners is also the consequence of the low amount of power steering fluid. It’s the first thing for you to examine. 

We know that the fluid here is used for lubricating and powering systems for power steering. When the amount of it gets low, the vehicle can squeal right away after the steering wheel moves to the side. Check the fluid and replace it if necessary.

3. Fluid contamination

Again, the power steering fluid is probably contaminated by dirt and debris, which can be at the root of this issue with the whole car. If adding more fluid won’t help, then a technician needs to verify the reason and start a repair for the vehicle.

4. Power steering pump

Apart from the above reason, the pump is another factor making your car squeal when turning corners. This pump has to take the rotary movement of the engine’s crankshaft to convert it into the fluid used to support you in turning the wheels.

The wear and tear over time can impact the power steering system’s efficiency. Also, the seals containing the fluid might wear down, leading to leakages and making the pump squeal whenever you turn the wheel of your car.

5. Declined belt

As for power steering, you will see the belt that offers power to the system. Declined belt possibly slips and affects the pressure of the fluid right from the power steering pump. In worst cases, a damaged belt like this only raises the malfunction of the power steering pump. The final result will be a heavy steering wheel.

6. Low-quality tires

The issue this time lies with the tires since low-quality or worn tires can trigger a big issue. How come? That’s because the low-quality tires avail a distinct tread compound than the exception tires. Since this type of tread can’t adhere to the street surface, which leads to a squeal.

Being equipped with worn tires, your car means having less traction and slipping more, especially when there’s water on the street.

For this reason, the tire spins faster than the other parts of the vehicle and emits a squeal. Brand new tires rarely squeal due to the added rubber from the molding process. And guess what? The rubber often wears off within a few hundred miles.

7. Frozen and muddy conditions

Any muddy or snowy conditions are likely to attach to both wells and rims, leading to annoying noises from the tires. If you have to drive in such harsh conditions, check to learn whether this is the root of the noise.

Solutions for tires squeal when turning

Tires Squeal When Turning

Worn tires causes a squeal

1. Use soundproofing materials

The solution here helps isolate the noise, so ensure to perform it right on the metal parts. Bear in mind whenever the vehicle produces grinding sounds when turning corners, you’re recommended to take action.

Besides, the rubber between the car body and suspension is capable of preventing noise. Not only that, but the plastic lying between two metal parts can also reduce the squealing sound.

As you know, most operators would avail of this method to move the engine back and forth without needing to enter the cabin. And putting sponges on the metal shaft doesn’t just enhance the structure but also helps the material avoid vibrating.

2. Regular pressure checks

Checking tire pressure is very important for your vehicle, proper tire pressure will make the tire more durable, the car goes quieter and helps to save fuel and create a better feeling for you. In addition, you need to have a proper tire maintenance routine, such as checking tire balance and rebalancing if necessary, aligning the wheel with a three-angle suspension: camber, caster and toe.

3. Contact the service organizations

A weird sound appears due to the breakdown of certain parts. In this case, a replacement or a proper adjustment is required. On a few models of vehicles, we can rely on independent adjustment. However, in a few cases, it’s essential to get in touch with the service centers. 


As a car owner, you might see a large number of sounds whenever the vehicle starts moving or when its steering wheel gets turned while parking. Above all, the timely diagnosis of a breakdown or malfunction will be the best thing to do for a safer drive.

Before that, you need to familiarize yourself with a variety of sounds your tires produce. It helps you spot the issues easily before they turn into the nightmare bills.

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