Federal SS595 Review: Solid for the Price, but no Match for the Best in Class

Federal SS595 Review

Driving a high-performance car can be expensive since you’ll be paying more for fuel, but also for tires. That’s because fast driving quickly eats the tread, significantly shortening the life of the tire.

For that reason, many buyers opt for a cheaper option, such as the Federal SS595. This tire is very popular in the tuning, drifting, and autocross community, primarily because it’s so cheap.

But does that mean it’s good? Well, to answer that question, I prepared a detailed review of the Federal SS595, where I’ll cover any meaningful category. I’ll focus mostly on dry traction and grip but also cover wet performance, comfort, and durability.

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Federal Couragia MT Review: You Get What You Pay For

Federal Couragia MT Review

One such product is the Federal Couragia MT – a budget-oriented mud-terrain tire that looks aggressively on the outside and promises outstanding off-road traction. The Couragia MT is also available in many sizes, which cover most trucks and SUVs on sale today, but also some past models.
That said, in order to truly appreciate a set of these tires, you’ll need an off-road capable model. In our Federal Couragia MT review, we found that you won’t get much if you put these tires on a crossover or street-oriented SUV.

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