Quick Tips on How to Tackle Road Emergencies

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While driving on the road one isn’t sure whether they will get safely to our destination. Properly dealing with emergency situations is a matter of life and death. How to deal with the worst situation must be known to everyone especially while driving. One has to face different situations like a cracked windscreen, tire blowouts, aquaplaning, brake failure or car fires. All these can give a person a scare of his life. So it’s better to have some knowledge on one’s hand before going out in the car.

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1. Car cracked screens

Cracked screens are occurred because of cold weather or in some cases when the car gets a jolt because of the high speed. If this happens, don’t panic! Remove the broken windshield from the car, then drive safely to the nearest repair center, just get it repaired as soon as possible to avoid any such situation.

Quick Tips On How To Tackle Road Emergencies 2

2. Dangers of aquaplaning

Aquaplaning occurs when the car doesn’t remain in the contact of the surface because of the building up of the water. In the absence of the tire treads, one faces this situation. To deal with the situation allow the brake to slow down by removing the foot from the accelerator. Avoid turning the wheels and also maintain the tires in perfect condition.

How To Tackle Road Emergencies 1

3. Handling Brake Failure

Brake failure is one of the worst emergency situations. This can be countered with by getting the car serviced on a regular basis. In case of the brake failures, try the handbrakes or change the gear to the lower level to stop the car.

4. Handling a tire blowout

The tire blowouts while driving a car on high speed is really dangerous as it leads to the loss of direction and control on the car. If one of the tires of the car blowout, keep the hold firmly on the steering wheel and slow down the car by putting it into the lowest gear. React quickly but calmly in this situation. Try to bring the car to standstill on the roadside. To avoid this altogether get the tires checked regularly.

Quick Tips On How To Tackle Road Emergencies

5. Vehicle fire

One can’t imagine a car on fire. The main reason behind this is the faulty wiring. If you suspect it, just get out of the car as fast as possible. To realize this thing is not easy. Some of the warning signs include the smell of burning something toxic or plastic and in some cases, the smoke also comes out from the vents. Stop the car immediately on the road if you sense the danger of fire. Then turn the ignition off and try to get the hold of the fire extinguisher if present in the car. Keep a distance from the car after calling the fire brigade.

Quick Tips On How To Tackle Road Emergencies

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