How to Remove Window Tint from Your Car: Easy Steps

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How many ways to remove automotive window tint adhesive? What must I be careful about? You’ll find all answer here!

Tint adhesive is generally dissolved by ammonia or soap. So, these are regular components we applied in removing the automotive window tint adhesive. But can we do the same job without using chemicals?

We propose you a ready-to-go method which just acquires accessories available in your house- Hairdryer. Not all of us have ammonia in the house 24/7, right?

With this method, we promise even inexperienced people can nail it.

To keep this article more a proposal, we also revise the ammonia method in the following with some tips. Whatever you are doing with your car’s window adhesive, it will help!

How to Remove Window Tint from Your Car

Removing automotive window tint adhesive can be done by everyone!

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Remove Window Tint Adhesive from Your Car by Hairdryer

By using a hairdryer, you almost need no accessories more to cope with the tint adhesive. However, we advise you to get a small straight razor along with clean cloth. They will keep everything much more accessible and clean afterward.

Step 1: Get to know the tint edge.

By scrolling down your car’s window, you will see the adhesive edge, which also most at the top of the window’s top edge.

Leave it there at first because we need to process peeling from the angle.

Step 2: Heat the adhesive

We suggest you keep the hairdryer at its maximum heat. And, it would be best if you started with the outside then inside.

Understanding that holding the hairdryer trigger for more than 2 minutes will cause pain on the finger, we advise you to tie the trigger up so it won’t move while your fingers can rest.

The first spot to start heating is the corner.

The hairdryer will expose quite hot air directly to the glass door, which can be broken by high temperature. Hence, we hope you keep the right distance (usually 1 to 2 inches) between the nozzle and the glass.

You must be patient on this step as you’re supposed to wait in around or more minutes until the tint gets meltdown.

Step 3: Peel-off

When the tint comes soft enough, it will lose strength in holding adhesive. At this point, you will part the adhesive in the corner away from the glass window.

It’s now where the razor comes of help. Lay the blade under the adhesive layer and part it away. If the tint melt enough, you will get the corner very well and neatly.

However, using razors must be a careful touch, or you scratch your window, even though it might be just a hindrance corner.

Step 4: Continue peeling off

Move the hairdryer gradually down around and keep peeling off from the corner.This step must be carried slowly and carefully unless you want to tear up the adhesive. And, don’t forget to heat up everywhere on the way of peeling.

If you fail in one corner, you can make it up by starting over at the other one.

Step 5: Clean-off

At this step, we hope you nail the peeling part.

Hairdryer might not supply enough heat to melting all the tint. Therefore, you need to clean off all the left tint by soap. Let it soak for a while before you wipe it away.

Step 6: Cope with the rear door

The rear window includes a defrost line, so we need to be even more cautious. And with this area, steaming needs at least 7 minutes.

You must locate the defrost line and always keep an eye on it.

Remove Window Tint Adhesive from Your Car by Ammonia or Soap

Step 1: Get everything inside covered

You will put on your window quite an amount of liquid, which can erode leather and fabric. Therefore, the first to do is get everything inside covered by plastic bags.

Step 2: Get garbage bag in the size of the window (can measure and cut by razor)

You will need black garbage bags which are at large scale to cover up the window. To measure precisely, we suggest applying them on the window and use a razor to cut along the edge.

Step 3: Spray liquid

Make sure that you have enough pieces of black plastic garbage for the window.Now, you spray ammonia or soap liquid (you definitely dilute the liquid with water before use). Cover the window by the black garbage, which is supposed to stick on the glass because of fluid.

Step 4: Peel off

After soaking for 1 hour, the adhesive is supposed to be dissolved. Now, use the razor to cut the corner and peel off the tape. Sometimes, the tint will still be hard to release adhesive because of the uneven ammonia spectrum. Razors could help to part the piece away but don’t tear up the adhesive apart.

Step 5: Clean up

It’s very little chance that the liquid deals with tint thoroughly. If you’re lucky, then just clean up with water and done!

But usually, we suspect you need to clean leftover tint.

To cope with them, you can soak them again by the ammonia or soap for an hour more. Using steel wool is also a time-saving method, but you should ensure no scratches happening.


When you work with chemicals like ammonia and soap, always remember to cover up your skip and mouth unless you want skin allergy and breath in breath-taking smell. Anomia brings in not such a lovely scent.

The latter method will maximize its effectiveness and the least time consuming on a sunny hot day. The high temperature will help dissolution faster.

And the last thing for both suggestions is about coping with the rear door. It would help if you did not ever touch the razor in the defrost line as you never see the damage by eyes.


The service to remove automotive window tint adhesive cost not too much (unless you ask for luxurious one), but still, it cost you money every time your window gets scratches, vague or too dark.

So, why don’t you make it by yourself with available tools at home?

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