How to Remove a Tire from a Rim – Step by Step Guide

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Removing tires from the rim is not an easy task. You can go to a car repair shop to do it, they will use a special machine to remove the tires, or you can hire a specialist to come home to solve them. But they may not be convenient for you and you need an easier, cheaper option.

When you need to remove a tire, your hardest thing is inside the wheel’s rim is tucked the tire’s “bead”. You have to separate them. Removing the tire from the rim with a hand tool is the way you should know. Although this is difficult, as long as you are careful and focused, it will become easier.

How To Remove A Tire From A Rim

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What do you need when removing the tire from a rim?

  1. Wrench
  2. 3 tire irons
  3. Oil/ Lubricant/ Dish Soap
  4. Tire jack
  5. Core removal tool
  6. Tire bead breaker
  7. Screwdrivers
  8. Tire removal equipment

The above are essential items when you remove the tire. Trouble can come to you at any time, so always have it in the car, wherever you go or at home.

Steps to remove tires from a rim

Step 1: Location selection

Removing the tires can be a hassle, naturally, the middle of the road is not a good place to do, there will be a lot of people feel bothered. You may have trouble in the middle of the road while riding but move to a better location to remove the tires.

Step 2: Remove the valve from the tire and prepare to remove the tire

There will be a small rubber or metal on your tire, the air in the tire can come in and out from there, it is called air valve. Just twist the valve cover in an anticlockwise direction. After using the valve removal tool, the tires will deflate. After doing the above, place the tire on the ground where you choose to remove the tire.

Step 3: Break the bead of car tires

Rims and tires are glued together and sealed. Use strong glue and tight seals so they don’t fall off. When you want to break the tire, you have to break the glue and seal the tire onto the rim very firmly.

To break the wheel’s bead, you have 2 ways:

Use hand tools: use a large flat-tip screwdriver to fit between the rim and the tire. this will help break the seal and glue on the wheel

Put your tire on the ground and drive your car over and over again. You will spend less effort when doing this and it is highly effective. You will pass through the tire until the tire starts to slip off the rim, you can stop.

Step 4: Remove the tire

When making the inevitable removal of tires that easily slip, place a carpet under the tire. Need a gap between rim and tire. This is difficult to do so you may need to use more force. Pin both sides of the tire with your foot force, to reduce the possibility of scratches and adds more leverage. While removing the tire from your position you may need to place some hard grease on the surface of the wheel. Do this until you remove this entire side of the tire from the wheel. Continue to do so for the other side of the wheel. You will need effort in this stage, please try your best. Pull out the tire by increasing the force. You will have finished removing the tire from the rim.

Step 5: Use a little oil or soap

Certainly, after removing the tire from the rim you will add a new tire. So you need to use oil to apply it to the inside of the tire. Your next job will become easier and it also prevents the rims from being scratched or leaving unsightly traces. If you do not have oil, you can replace it with other liquids like soap, and its effects are not inferior, as long as there are plenty and lubrication. Use them on both sides of the rim, including the outside of the rim.

Step 6: Finish removing the tire from the rim

Once you’ve done the above, you’re done removing the tire from the rim. Now you may want to install new tires on the rim so you can keep using them. You need to locate the tire, then take a new tire, put in, and push down. You can use specialized tools if you don’t have the time. Pump your tires and use the right after. If you do not want to continue using it, store it. Apply extra oil or soap to preserve it from abrasion or rust so you can still use it when needed.

Things to keep in mind when removing tires from the rim

This job is quite exhausting and time-consuming. You need to have good health and caution, it can hurt you if it dislocates during the removing tires from the rim. Always prepare the necessary equipment in the trunk. Because no one knows that you can get in trouble at any time. You should learn about your car and prepare well the necessary skills.


We know this may sound like a hassle to you, but as soon as you pay attention and be careful, it will be quick. You need to follow the steps that we have put out and use the brain properly, these things are extremely simple. We hope after reading this article you will know how to remove a tire from a rim. The way we offer will save you money, the most convenient handling quickly, and help you have better health. Thank you for reading, wish you success!

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