How to Fix Deep Scratches On Car Door

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Scratched on car door significantly affect the quality and durability of the car’s exterior parts. So, the article will illustrate how to fix deep scratches on the car door.

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Where Do Scratches Come From?

It can be said that car paint is considered as a ‘set of wings’ that helps cars keep their appearance always durable and beautiful. However, in the process of using it is inevitable, there are times when the car door is slightly scratched or even deep scratches, causing concave surfaces.

How To Fix Deep Scratches On Car Door

How to fix deep scratches on car door

In particular, having to move in crowded traffic conditions also makes the car vulnerable to scratches due to crashes. When the car door is scratched, many car owners feel sorry and worried because it will cost a significant amount of budget to fix it.

Depending on the scratching of the car, there are ways of how to fix deep scratches on car door so that it is most effective as well as saving costs.

How to Handle Car Door Scratched

In case the car has a deep scratch on the surface of the car paint, the owner can completely repair the scratches at home with simple, easy-to-find and cheap tools.

Currently, there are many tips to handle scratches extremely effectively, such as using nail polish, wax, toothpaste, sandpaper, etc. Here are five steps to treat car scratches that car owners should refer.

1. Clearly Identify Scratches

When a car collides slightly or is rubbed by something, the surface of the vehicle, especially the car doors, are easy to be scratched. However, there are many cases where it is only a stain appearing on the surface of car paint.

At this point, the car owner should use a soft cloth that has been dampened to clean around that area. This step can identify the scratch as a real scratch or just a stain caused by dust and smoke. And if it is a scratch, the car owner needs to determine the depth of the scratch, from which a suitable treatment.

The element of car paints includes: steel, primer, colour paint and finally gloss paint. So for a slight scratch appears like a thin line in the colour, it will be easier to handle. However, according to those who have a lot of experience in cars, you should not be subjective, easily ignore minor scratches.

At first, it may be just a small scratch, but if not handled in time, then after long using time, it will be more severe and become deep scratch because the surface of car paint is elementary to oxidize as of many environmental agents.

2. Rinse the Area of Scratches

Use a soft cloth (do not use old, dirty towels) to apply a specialized cleaning solution to clean the area around the scratched. This action helps to handle scratches for better results. Then, use another soft towel to dry the scratched area.

Besides, car owners should pay attention to car wash regularly. Because according to many studies, the long-lasting layer of dirt accumulated on the surface of car paint is also one of the causes of deep scratches.

3. Repair Deep Car Scratches with Simple Items

In this step, you can use the following items: toothpaste/nail polish/sandpaper/vases with the same colour as car paint (need to ensure the origin, quality of colour). In these items, there is a useful material that can fade the scratches and create a perfect gloss.

Use toothpaste/nail polish/sandpaper to absorb a little water or vase of the same colour with car paint and then gently rub on scratches. Note that you need to rub in the same direction with the scratch to avoid spreading or making the scratch deeper. After that, wait for about one hour for the toothpaste/nail polish to dry.

How To Fix Deep Scratches On Car Door

Wipe the scratching area

4. Wipe the Area of Scratches

Rewash the scratches, then use a soft towel to dry. In some garages, technicians use steam compressors to make the cleaning and drying of scratches.

5. Smoothing Scratches with Polishing Solution

Apply the polish solution to the scratched area. Note that this step should be done with quick action and apply in the opposite direction clockwise. Continue to use until the scratches have faded. 

Then immediately wipe the solution with a soft cloth soaked in water, wait about five minutes to dry and continue the second polishing process. Finally, repeat the cleaning operation of the area just treated.

The reason for being a little fussy at this step is to create the most smooth and quality gloss paint. And also completely blow away the light scratches appearing on cars.

The trick is to make the paint look more excellent, that is, you can do this in a sunny spot. The sunlight will help the polishing solution to evaporate faster and produce the best colour.

How to Handle Car Door Scratched Badly

In the case of a severe collision or hard, sharp objects wiped in to create deep scratches on the surface of the car door, car experts recommend that you take your vehicle to the specialized garage for skilled technicians to repair.

By not only worsening the external image, but the impact with the severity also affects the operation of parts such as lighting systems, vehicle glass, etc., which reduce safety features for users. Besides, in the use process, car owners also need to pay attention to car care and maintenance to ensure the pet driver operates more durable.

Each driver should limit parking too near construction sites or under large trees to prevent vehicles from being scratched by steel, twigs or rocks. Moreover, it is necessary to focus and be dangerous when driving a car to avoid a collision, to protect the safety for themselves and the people in the surrounding traffic.

Final Verdict

The job of manually erasing car paint scratches will surely save quite a lot of your money. However, if lack of experience, you will lose a lot of time as well as spreading the area when handling scratches. We hope that this article has fully shown how to fix deep scratches on the car door for you.

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