Blemished Tires: Are They Good Alternatives to New Ones?

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While every component of your automobile serves a purpose, the quality of tires should get little extra attention. Not only do tires provide a good driving experience, but they also play a significant role in enhancing the overall safety and fuel economy of your vehicle.

Today, several people prefer to buy used tires for their vehicles due to their affordability. According to the Rubber Manufacturers Association, around 30 million used tires are sold every year.

Undoubtedly, old/used tires are easy on the pocket, but unfortunately, they are not safe. They might cause severe damages to you and your vehicle.

So what is the solution? Is there any way we can save lives as well as money? Yes, there is.

Blemished tires can be your good alternatives to used tires. They are pocket-friendly and comparatively safe.

Let’s learn more about blemished tires.

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What Are Blemished Tires?

Blemished tires are new tires with some aesthetic and cosmetic imperfections. A quality analysis team finds these at the time of final inspection.
The flaw can be as minor as mismatched lettering, defective whitewall, and more.

In short, the blemished tires are those tires that are not up to the manufacturer’s standards, majorly due to cosmetic defects.

What Is The Manufacturing Process for Blemished Tires?

As mentioned above, the blemished tires are regular vehicle tires. As a result, they go through a similar manufacturing process to other tires. However, unlike normal tires, they have insignificant imperfections.

Though tire manufacturers nowadays have experienced research & development teams and state-of-the-art machines, errors still happen.

Smudged lettering, improper molded rubber, uneven tread pattern are a few primary issues with blemished tires. Generally, these cosmetic issues affect the tire’s appearance only.

These minor flaws don’t cause any significant changes to the quality of the tire, but the tire manufacturing industry takes quality control earnestly and doesn’t add such tires to their main product line.

When a quality control team finds a blemished tire, they remove the serial number on that tire that states the manufacturing details. Generally, they do so to withdraw warranty service.

How to Identify If the Tired is Blemished?

Except for minor cosmetic issues, you won’t see any significant difference between brand new tires and blemished tires. Cosmetics damages are so slight that they are invisible to a layman.

However, you should check the following flaws when identifying blemished tires.

  • Minor Color Defects
  • Faulty White Wall
  • Mismatched Lettering

In some cases, blemished tires might have significant issues such as the absence of steel radial belt, inaccurately poured rubber, uneven tire tread, and more.

You should strictly avoid buying such blemished tires.

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Should I Buy Blemished Tires?

The short answer is Yes. There are several reputable tire sellers across the country dealing in blemished tires.

Another reason you may consider blemished tires is, you get them at a low price without any significant compromises.

Let’s discuss the reasons why blem tires can be a good choice for you.


People looking to save some dollars on their new tire purchase can go for blemished tires. They come with almost all the benefits of new tires but at a comparatively affordable price. By buying blemished tires, you can save several dollars.

New As the Branded Tire

As mentioned above, blem tires fail in the final inspection due to minor cosmetic imperfections. Since companies don’t mount them on vehicles, they are technically new.

While blemished tires do not come with mileage and road hazard warranty, they are as new as first-hand tires. Until you are a tire expert, you can’t identify minor blemished status.

DOT Approval

Manufacturers use high temperature and pressure inside molds to make tires. As soon as they are out of mold an inspection team examines them for any possible flaw.

Even if it’s a slight imperfection, they are put in the category of blem tires.

In short, tires with imperfections not other than cosmetics are blemished tires. Therefore, they don’t cause any quality issues.

It might surprise you, but blemished tires also get certification from the DOT (Department of Transportation).

All the tires manufactured for highways get DOT approval. Even blemished tires get this certification because they are safe to use.


Generally, blemished tires are viewed as safe because tire sellers sell only cosmetically blemished tires.

It is worth mentioning that the cosmetic imperfections of tires don’t affect the durability and driving safety grade. However, buy blemished tires from a reputable seller only.

Also, you need to ensure that the tire you are buying doesn’t have an internal manufacturing issue. Such tires can be dangerous, and you can’t simply trust them if they fail.

You should check the following things when purchasing blemished tires.

  • Load rating
  • Thread width
  • DOT code
  • Internal construction such as radial pattern, bias belt, rim diameter, and more.
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Are Blemished Tires Better Than Used Tires?

Blemished tires are always better than used tires. Used tires indeed have economical benefits, but they are not safe.

Used tires are those discarded tires that were once mounted on vehicles. And since they have already been used, they’re more likely to get punctured frequently.

In some cases, they are available at 50% discounts, but they are not worth the risk.

Blemished tires are an ideal option for people looking for affordable tires without compromising on quality and safety.

In most cases, blem tires have nothing wrong but minor cosmetic defects. Moreover, unlike used tires, they are first-hand and never used in any vehicles.

However, buy top-quality blemished tires only. The issue with tires shouldn’t be more than cosmetics.

In addition to affordability, blemished tires offer environmental benefits. Manufacturing tires cause significant pollution. So, when you buy used blemished tires for your vehicle, it inhibits companies from manufacturing millions of extra tires.

Final Verdict

It would be safe to say that blemished tires are worth considering if you’re looking for an affordable option. However, you need to make sure you are buying it from a trustworthy dealer only, and there is no other flaw except for cosmetic issues. After all, you can compromise on safety for a few dollars.

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