Top 10 Best RV Tires for Every Adventure

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For many people, there is nothing better than an adventure with a motorhome or an RV. With these vehicles, you have the comfort of a (small) home and the open space of the entire world. You can go everywhere you want, yet keep all the comfort and amenities from your house.

Many people also think that having a motorhome is cheap, especially because you don’t have to pay rent. However, these people are mostly wrong. Recreational vehicles (RVs) run on fuel, and they also need regular service intervals, just like a car.

Moreover, tires are a big part of the cost of owning an RV. Even if you don’t use your motorhome often, the tires will wear down over time, and you will need to replace them with a new set. And, trust me, motorhome tires are anything but cheap.

Besides, they aren’t readily available at every tire shop – you will need to visit RV trailer tires specialists or buy them online. Fortunately, many well-known and reputable tire manufacturers started producing RV tires, which is great news for everyone that wants a safe driving experience and durable performance.

Another great thing is that you arrived in the right place to learn about all these tires. To help you, I created a curated list of the best RV tires for every adventure. On that list, I’ll give you my ten best products available on the market.

Unlike other lists, this one will be divided into two categories – tires for motorhomes with engines, and tires for motorhomes that need to be attached to a vehicle (trailers). That way, every RV owner will be covered.

And, don’t be afraid if you don’t understand motorhome tires much. After the list of the best tires, you can find my detailed guide on RV tires. There I will tell you all the things you need to know about RV tires and why some might work better for you than others.

I strongly suggest reading that section – it not only makes things easier for you, but it will also let you purchase the best product for your driving needs. Not every driver uses their RV in the same manner, which is why it’s very important to choose tires that suit your needs and not the other way round.

But, let’s jump to the part that was the reason why you came here in the first place – the ten best RV tires on the market right now.

The 10 Best RV Tires for Every Adventure Available in 2022

1. Goodyear Unisteel G670 RV Tire

Best Specialized RV Tires

Best Rv Tires For Every Adventure

The Goodyear Unisteel G670 is the only specialized RV tire that’s viable for RV-tire owners. This product can be fitted to mid-sized and large motorhomes and right now.

Overall, this is by far the best RV tire right now. On the road, the Unisteel G670 provides the driver with outstanding grip and traction, as well as excellent stability on the highway over dry and wet surfaces.

Moreover, the tire is very tough and comes in high load ratings. The treadlife is exceptional as well, easily better than its competitors.

That said, be prepared to pay a bit more for the qualities this tire offers.


  • Outstanding grip and traction
  • Excellent highway stability
  • Great steering feel
  • High load ratings available
  • Tough construction
  • Exceptional treadlife


  • Expensive

2. Boto Tyres BT926

Best Commercial-Truck Tires for RV Vehicles

Best Rv Tires For Every Adventure

The Boto BT926 is a commercial-truck tire, but don’t let that fool you into thinking that it won’t work on motorhomes. Actually, thanks to the super-tough construction, the BT926 can withstand the weight of very large motorhomes.

Moreover, the tire is characterized by excellent treadlife, which means that you won’t need to replace it very often. On top of that, the BT926 provides the driver with excellent stability on the highway and good handling in faster corners.

That said, the tire definitely feels heavy and cumbersome. Also, it costs a bit more than I would’ve liked.


  • Outstanding treadlife
  • Very stable on the highway
  • High levels of traction over wet surfaces
  • Very tough and durable construction


  • Not very responsive to drive
  • Expensive

3. Michelin XPS Rib

Best Light-Truck Tires for RV Vehicles

Best Rv Tires For Every Adventure

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Michelin’s commercial light-truck tire is an excellent option for owners of mid-sized motorhomes based on vans or light trucks.

Like many Michelin tires, the XPS Rib is characterized by an outstanding treadlife. The company even covers that with a 60,000-mile treadwear warranty, something that you won’t get in any other RV tire.

On the road, it’s business as usual for the Michelin. The highway stability is exceptional, and the driver has very high levels of grip and traction on offer. The tire performs admirably in the rain, but sadly I can’t say the same for snowy conditions.

Finally, the XPS Rib is a Michelin, and consequently, the tire is expensive.


  • Outstanding treadlife
  • Super-tough construction
  • Great stability over dry and wet surfaces
  • Excellent responsiveness
  • Michelin provides an outstanding 60,000-mile treadwear warranty


  • Very expensive
  • Doesn’t perform well over snow

4. Bridgestone Duravis M700 HD

Best Light-Truck Tires for RV Vehicles

Best Rv Tires For Every Adventure

The Bridgestone Duravis M700 HD is an amazing tire for motorhome owners that often drive over hardpacked surfaces, such as dirt and gravel. In those conditions, the tire performs amazingly well.

Moreover, highway stability is exceptional, and there is a lot of grip and traction over wet and dry surfaces. The Duravis M700 HD is even usable in light snow, unlike many other RV tires.

That said, while the treadlife od the Duravis is outstanding, Bridgestone doesn’t provide any treadwear warranty on the tire.


  • Usable for light off-roading
  • Excellent stability on the highway
  • Great traction over dry and wet surfaces


  • No treadwear warranty

5. Goodyear Wrangler Silent Armor

Best RV Tires for Off-Road Use

Best Rv Tires For Every Adventure

If you want an RV tire that can be used over hardpacked terrain, but also shallow mud, look no further than the Goodyear Wrangler Silent Armor.

This tire is made from a very tough casing and has an aggressive tread pattern that provides excellent traction on places where no other tire could. This includes unpacked snow as well.

The Wrangler works very well on the highway, providing the driver with a stable ride and high levels of grip. Despite the aggressive tread pattern, the Wrangler is very quiet at higher speeds as well.

The tire also has exceptional treadlife, and Goodyear even provides an excellent 50,000-mile treadwear warranty.

That said, the Wrangler Silent Armor isn’t available in many sizes, which limits availability for some motorhome owners.


  • Exceptional off-road traction
  • Very stable ride on the highway
  • Long treadlife
  • Surprisingly comfortable and quiet
  • Works over unpacked snow


  • Not available in very large sizes

6. Goodyear G614 RST

Best Fifth-Wheel Camper Tires

Best Rv Tires For Every Adventure

The G614 RST is a tire that’s specifically designed for fifth-wheel campers and trailers. Therefore, it beats every competitor when it comes to performance and durability.

Goodyear managed to make this tire outstandingly tough and durable, which helps when you leave the trailer stationary for longer.

Also, the G614 performs excellently on the highway – stability is great. The treadlife is impressive as well. That said, you shouldn’t push this tire very hard over snowy surfaces.


  • Exceptionally tough and durable
  • Excellent stability on the highway
  • Long treadlife
  • Can be retreaded


  • Doesn’t perform well over snow

7. Goodyear Marathon Radial

Best Fifth-Wheel Camper Tires

Best Rv Tires For Every Adventure

The Goodyear Marathon radial tire is a great deal for people that have very large fifth-wheel campers. This tire is exceptionally tough and can withstand a lot of weight.

Moreover, I found that it performs admirably on the highway, providing the driver with outstanding stability. That is very important for a fifth-wheel camper tire.

That said, the Marathon isn’t available in high-speed ratings, which means that you won’t be able to drive very fast.


  • Exceptional toughness
  • Very stable on the highway
  • Can withstand a lot of weight


  • Only lower speed ratings available

8. Maxxis M8008 Radial Trailer Tire

Best Trailer Tires (Non-Motorized RV)

Best Rv Tires For Every Adventure

When it comes to trailer tires, Maxxis is always at the forefront as a manufacturer. Their M8008 model is characterized by outstanding stability on the highway, even when attached to a very heavy trailer.

The super-tough construction of the tire also helps with durability, especially if you leave the trailer stationary for longer. Maxxis even provides a 5-year warranty on the tire, which is impressive.

That said, I wouldn’t trust this tire over hardpacked surfaces, such as dirt or gravel.


  • Excellent highway stability
  • Very safe handling when loaded
  • Tough construction
  • Excellent warranty


  • Not the best choice for off-road use

9. Carlisle Trail HD Trailer Radial

Best Trailer Tires (Non-Motorized RV)

Best Rv Tires For Every Adventure

Carlisle is another manufacturer that is well-known in the trailer community, especially with the Trail HD radial tire.

With a set of these tires, you can expect excellent stability on the highway, even if your trailer is packed to the max, partially thanks to the outstanding overheating resistance.

Also, the strong construction of the tire helps with durability. However, the tire still isn’t strong enough for driving over uneven surfaces.


  • Stable on the highway, even when loaded
  • Very strong construction
  • Excellent overheating resistance


  • The radial construction isn’t suited for off-roading

10. Freestar M-108+

Best Trailer Tires (Non-Motorized RV)

Best Rv Tires For Every Adventure

The Freestar M-108+ is a low-cost trailer tire that won’t disappoint you with the performance it offers.

I found that this tire provides the driver with a safe and stable ride on the highway, even when the trailer is packed to the max.

The construction is very tough and durable, which is another big plus. That said, the tire isn’t the best choice for off-roading, and some trailer owners complain that it is hard to install on the wheels.


  • Very good highway stability
  • Tough and durable construction
  • Budget-friendly price


  • Not suited for off-road use
  • Can be hard to install

What to Look for When Buying the Best RV Tires for Your Every Adventure

1. Things to Know Before Purchasing Motorhome Tires

There are many things that you need to know and decide before purchasing RV tires. The first one is what type of tires to get. A quick search online will show you that not a lot of specialized RV tires are available. Also, those that are available might not be suited for each type of motorhome. 

For that reason, you need to choose tires for vehicles that are closely related to the size and weight of your recreational vehicle. For some owners, that means purchasing light-truck tires, while for others, it means purchasing commercial-truck tires. Those that have RVs without engines, on the other hand, need to purchase special trailer tires.

All of this can be confusing, which is why we’ll try to clarify some things down below, starting with specialized RV tires.

2. Specialized RV Tires Will Suit Most Motorhome Owners 

Not a lot of manufacturers are committed to manufacturing specialized RV tires, simply because the market is very small. Most of them will instead redirect you to their commercial-truck tires, or light-truck tires. 

Still, there are some manufacturers, like Goodyear, for example, that continue to support motorhome owners. They make tires that are specifically designed for the needs of RV drivers. These tires perform excellently on the highway, even with a lot of weight on them.

Moreover, specialized RV tires have strong casings and durable tread compound. Compared to other types of tires, they are better suited to staying stationary for longer while also having excellent treadlife.

Also, RV tires are very comfortable and quiet on the highway, which is important for people that often travel with their motorhomes.

That being said, RV tires usually come in larger sizes, which means that they are only used for large motorhomes.

3. Commercial-Truck Tires are a Good Option for Very Large Motorhomes

If your motorhome is based on a bus or a large truck, then maybe purchasing commercial-truck tires is a good option. These tires are specifically designed for very heavy loads and will last very, very long. Usually, these tires last up to 200,000-miles, which is impressive.

That said, considering the fact that the number of these colossus motorhomes is very small, we will not include commercial-truck tires here. For more information on those tires, you can find an article for them on our website.

4. LT Tires are an Excellent Choice for Small- to -Mid-Sized Motorized RVs

If your motorhome is based on a light-truck platform, then you can purchase LT tires and call it a day. Fortunately, there are many options to choose from here, including tires for trucks such as the Ford F-150, F-250, and F-350. There are many commercial van and light-truck options here as well. 

These tires are designed mostly for highway use, but you can also find all-terrain and even mud-terrain products. That’s great because many people start using their motorhomes to reach faraway places, most of them not close to public roads.

Furthermore, light-truck tires have excellent driving properties. They provide the driver with a responsive ride on the highway and very high levels of grip and traction. High-speed stability is also excellent, and most of these tires also work in slippery conditions, such as wet pavement, snow, and slush.

That being said, light-truck tires aren’t suited for large and very large motorhomes. They are strong, for sure, but not strong enough to carry the weight of those vehicles.

5. Special-Trailer Tires are the Best Option for RVs with Fifth Wheel

If you own a fifth-wheel camper or a large trailer, then you should go for special-trailer (ST) tires. These tires are specifically designed for these vehicles and will absolutely give you the best performance of any tire type.

The biggest reason why these tires are better than any other alternative is that they are designed to better endure the forces that a trailer usually applies to the tires. That starts with being stationary – most LT tires will succumb to the weight of the trailer if left in one place for longer. Special-trailer tires, on the other hand, have very stiff sidewalls that resist warping, even after months being stationary.

On top of that, the stiffer sidewalls on the ST-metric tires provide a much more stable ride on the highway. These tires won’t warp in the corners, which improves stability, an important feature for trailers. Sure, this means that they won’t be as comfortable as LT-metric tires, but you probably won’t ride in the trailer during long road trips, anyway.

Now, trailer tires don’t have high levels of traction and grip, but on fifth-wheel campers, that’s not as important. These tires should never be installed on the driven axle, so be sure that you only purchase them for the camper and not the motorized vehicle. Otherwise, your truck might suffer from serious performance loss, especially at higher speeds.

6. Choosing the Right Size

Like with every other tire, it’s crucial to choose the right dimensions for your RV. I strongly recommend installing the same tire dimensions that your RV was equipped from the factory. That way, you will ensure that the vehicle will provide you with the best possible performance without sacrificing comfort or fuel economy.

Different types of tires are marked differently, so be sure that the numbers are exactly the same as those on your existing tires. Moreover, be sure that the designation of the tire is the same. If you already have LT-metric tires, you should replace them with LT-metric tires. You should do the same if the tires are ST-metric branded.

7. Load Range Capacity and Ply Ratings

Apart from the size, it is critical that you choose the right load capacity. Every RV or trailer doesn’t weigh the same, and consequently, it needs tires with different load capacities. If you choose tires that don’t have the right load capacity, they will easily warp under pressure and might even explode on the highway. So, it’s not only about carrying weight – it’s also about safety.

Today, the load ratings are marked with letters, but before, they were known as “ply ratings,” a designation that is still widely used today. Here is a list of the most popular load ratings for RV and fifth-wheel camper tires, together with the corresponding ply ratings:

  • Load Range B (4-Ply Tires) – maximum load pressure of 35 psi (240 kPa)
  • Load Range C (6-Ply Tires) – maximum load pressure of 50 psi (350 kPa)
  • Load Range D (8-Ply Tires) – maximum load pressure of 65 psi (450 kPa)
  • Load Range E (10-Ply tires) – maximum load pressure of 80 psi (550 kPa)
  • Load Range F (12-Ply tires) – maximum load pressure of 95 psi (655 kPa)
  • Load Range G (14-Ply tires) – maximum load pressure of 110 psi (760 kPa)

8. Choose the Right Class of RV Tire

The last thing you need to do is to choose the right class of an RV tire. Today you can find Class A, B, and C tires for motorhomes and trailers.

Class A RV tires are designed for very large motorhomes that closely match the dimensions of extremely large trucks. These tires usually come in large sizes and high load ratings.

Class B RV tires are designed for mid-size motorhomes or those that you mostly see on the road. Class C tires, on the other hand, are designed for compact campers that are usually based on vans.

9. Resistance to Moisture and Sunrays

RV tires are often subjected to sun rays, especially when they stay stationary for longer. Most RV tires can withstand sun rays and moisture, but not for a very long time. Sunrays are especially damaging to the rubber, and they can completely change the properties. To combat this, I recommend putting a cover over the tires when you leave the RV stationary. You can stow the covers in your RV for later use.

Final Words

Recreational vehicles can really make your life better. There is no doubt about it. However, there is nothing worse than having problems with your RV tires while on the road. For that reason, I always recommend installing high-quality tires from reputable manufacturers.

Moreover, you should always take proper care of your tires. Always clean them from debris and stones. Otherwise, you risk damaging the tread or even puncturing the tire. Finally, be sure to put covers on the tires every time you can. By doing this, you’ll ensure that the tires last for a very long time.

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  1. Thank you for recommending it. Michelin is a great manufacturer of tires. Michelin offers a large choice of tires for various heavy-duty vehicles, allowing you to simply pick the tire that best suits your needs. Michelin provides RV tires for anything from RV campers to motorhomes to large vehicles.

  2. Michelin tires feature IntelliSipe technology to improve fuel efficiency. The said technology offers superb tread block rigidity while improving the tire’s road contact during acceleration and braking. Since it consumes less fuel, this brand is cost-effective and eco-friendly. They are also durable and resistant to impact.

  3. I really like your article because it gave me much useful information about the RV tire brands. Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. I love its ability to offer peak performance without sacrificing the ride quality of this Boto Tyres Radial Tire. It offers me stability and complete control at an almost silent noise level. These tires have a 5-rib design that makes them useful by providing good mileage for both short and long-distance applications and performing well on highways.

    • More importantly, these tires perform excellently on highways, which makes them an incredible buy for any driver with a class-designated RV. In fact, they’re known to work well at high speeds, something I am going to need on these pesky highways.

  5. Goodyear is a great product. I discovered this product while looking for the best 5th wheel tires on the market. At first, I assumed that this RV tire could only be used on huge travel trailers and fifth wheels. It fits a lot of stuff and boat trailers, which surprised me.


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