Things to Know About the Age of Your Tires

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Maybe you don’t know how old your tire is. We will tell you the most accurate way to find out about tires. Depending on the type of tire and how you use it. Regional climate, roads and car use times greatly influence the age of the tires. 

Things To Know About The Age Of Your Tires

What is a tire date code and where do I find it?

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What can you know about tires? How to tell age of tires?

The DOT symbol found on your tire will show you its age. On it was recorded 4 numbers identifying the nearest production time. The first 2 digits are the week of manufacture and the last 2 digits are the year of manufacture. Instead of four numbers showing the production time, the tires manufactured before 2000 will be replaced with three numbers. Besides in 1990 at the end of the string added triangles to make it easy to distinguish.

Experts recommend replacing tires that were made more than ten years ago.

What should you do to extend tire life?

To tire longer life you need to use them properly. Ride speed, inflation pressure, payload, road hazards are factors that determine tire life. But the conditions for each tire are different. Properly store your tires.

How to check your tires?

To stay safe on the road, checking tires is something every driver should do. You can avoid having to replace new tires considering the following:

  • Check tire pressure regularly
  • Axles and wheels should be properly aligned
  • Check whether the tire is damaged or worn
  • While driving, pay attention to the quality of the vehicle
  • Turn the tire evenly between the front and rear tires, right and left depending on the tread pattern.

What will happen if your tire gets stale?

For example, when you hold a long-used rubber band, stretch it, on the rope begins to appear cracks. Also, the rubber tire will show cracks over time, it will have inside the tire and on the surface. The steel straps in the trench will be detached from the rest of the vehicle because of these cracks. Proper tire temperature and maintenance won’t make this process happen faster.

An organization has determined that more than 250 accident has occurred due to the breakdown of the tire, if used for more than 6 years, the belt and tires will be separated, thereby leading to an accident and loss of control. Regularly used tires will break faster. Because it is assessed according to the distance it travels. Antioxidant chemicals will slow down the aging of the tire when integrated into it. However, nothing is complete to prevent the effects of time.

How long can a tire be used?

Depending on the type of cars such as Nissan, Ford, and Mercedes-Benz, they will have to change the tires after 6 years from the date of manufacture. As for other tires like Continental, Michelin, the tires can be used for up to 10 years, but you will have to check your tires regularly from the 5th year.

Here are the factors that can significantly affect tire life:

Storage: The store or indoor tires will apply this. Although it has not been used yet, it will certainly age, only slower than the tires attached to the cars.

Temperature: Tires in warmer climates will age faster. When the tire is exposed to a lot of coastal climates and the sun will accelerate the aging process. Everyone living in hot, year-round countries and coastal areas should pay close attention and check their tires every year.

Conditions of use: Tire disposal also affects significantly on tire life. A car to the curb too many times, a hole is not handled properly. Tires used on vehicles that travel every day on highways will be a different lifespan than tires used on weekends only. Slow or fast tire wear depends on these factors. For a long-lasting tire, the best way is to maintain the tire properly. Regularly check and rotate the tire so that the air pressure in the tire is maintained.

Spare parts: When the tire inflates and is mounted on the wheel, it is operating, even when not in use. Truck parts are mostly mounted under the vehicle, weather, dirt, and temperature are the influencing factors.

Do not buy used tires

Tires are quite expensive, you have to balance and install it. But you should not buy used tires because it is cheaper. Some stores buy and supply used tires. You certainly cannot know if that old tire is well maintained or not, and under what conditions it is used. Perhaps it was improperly patched, its age was too old… so consider buying a tire, don’t be afraid to spend money and decide to choose unsafely.

You also need to consider the tires carefully before buying. New tires are by no means unused. Buyers need to know the year of manufacture of the tire, should not buy tires that have been manufactured many years ago, look at the tire as new but actually it is old. If your accident bought it and a few days later found out that your tire was several years old, you could really exchange for a new one if the store was decent and reputable. But to save time and money you should still check before you buy it.

When should the tire be replaced?

Take some time to check and maintain your tires regularly to know if there is a problem. Not all tires are the same but it will age from the fifth year of production. Pay attention to the storage tires even if it’s not used.


We have provided you with useful information about your tires, hope you find in our article things to know about the age of your tires. Thank you for taking the time to read our article. Wish you always safe. See you again at the next useful article.

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