Yokohama ADVAN Tires For Performance Vehicles – An In-depth Review

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Performance cars excel in areas like speed, acceleration, handling, and braking. Such vehicles, however, require robust tires to sustain the vehicle load, transmit traction, and braking power.

If you’re looking for high-performance tires and wondering whether or not Yokohama ADVAN tires are a good choice, read this review post until the end.

This analysis will provide you with detailed information about Advan tires. However, before we learn about ADVAN tire models, let us get to know the history of ADVAN tires.

Yokohama Advan Porsche

Brief History of Advan Tires

Advan Tires are the product of Yokohama Rubber Company. This Tokyo-based company is known for its high-end tires. You can also find them participating in the world’s most prestigious motor race series.

The Yokohama Rubber Company came into existence on October 13, 1917. It is a co-partnership between Yokohama Cable Manufacturing and B.F. Goodrich Company. In 1969, the firm entered the US market. 

However, In Japan, the company uses the brand name Advan rather than Yokohama. 

In 1978, the company introduced its first tire, ADVAN-HF. It was Japan’s first sports radial tire. The tire was designed for passenger vehicles and could perform well in both dry and wet conditions. 

During the 1970s and 80s, the company introduced various sports tires considering the needs of car enthusiasts.

Timeline: ADVAN Tires History

1963: Yokohama Rubber Company began supplying tires to motorsports in Japan.

1978: Yokohama launched ADVAN HF tires that were the first radial tires. They introduced the ADVAN brand for automotive enthusiasts. Moreover, the company sponsored Japan Racing of Champions and began supplying racing tires for sports cars.

1979: ADVAN’s promotional vehicle made its racing debut, finishing second in the Minor Touring Car category. This event cemented ADVAN’s reputation as a high-performance tire brand across the world.

1980: In 1980, cars with ADVAN tires participated in Suzuka Great 20 Races, a Formula Championship.

Yokohama Advan 1980 Race Car

Status of ADVAN in the Modern Racing World

The company has come a long way since its foundation in 1917. Today, it is a well-known tire brand worldwide, supplying tires to racing vehicles, participating in prestigious motorsports events.

ADVAN is a global tire brand that has been continuously improving its brand image by producing quality tires for high-performance and standard cars. 

ADVAN has become Yokohama Rubber’s international flagship brand. 

Motorsports has become one of Yokohama’s key activities. They provide a large selection of ADVAN tires for various racing championships throughout the world, including World Championships.

Their team color is a mix of black and red. The Yokohama states that the racing track is a perfect venue to exhibit their battling spirit.

From Track to Street – Seven Renowned models in the ADVAN family

Whether you are looking for a track tire or street tire, Yokohama ADVAN has got you covered. They have a variety of tire models for varied terrains and driving conditions.

Let us review ADVAN’s seven popular tire models.

1. ADVAN A052

ADVAN A052 is one of the renowned street sports tires from the ADVAN family. It provides stable handling, superior cornering, and unmatched grip in both dry and wet conditions. The tire is suitable for the race track as well as the street.


Unit Weight15.2 lbs.
Overall Diameter22 inches
Static Radius10.1 inches
Overall Width7.6. inches
Max Load (At inflation pressure)992@51


  • ADVAN A052 tire features an asymmetric pattern. Therefore, it provides you with excellent cornering capabilities. You can easily handle bends or corners on the road.
  • The tire meets the guidelines of the Rubber Manufacturers Association. It is made out of the latest MS compound, featuring stout motorsports technology of Yokohama. Consequently, it provides maximum grip.

Compatible Cars

You can use ADVAN A052 tires on high-end sports cars like BMW M3, Porsche 911, Mitsubishi Lancer Evo, Mercedes C 63, and more.


ADVAN APEX V601 tire is the winner of 2020 iF DESIGN AWARD. You can use this tire on high-performance sports vehicles. This Y-rated tire is capable of handling high speeds.  Moreover,  it delivers excellent grip in dry and wet conditions.


Unit Weight22.4 lbs.
Overall Diameter24.9 inches
Static Radius11.6 inches
Overall Width8.8 inches
Max Load (At inflation pressure)1477@50


  • The tire has a micro-silica tread compound. As a result, its asymmetric pattern provides a good driving experience in wet conditions. Moreover, because the tire has optimized groove angles, you get a quieter ride.
  • The ADVAN APEX V601 tire performs admirably in damp and rainy conditions. However, it is designed specifically for dry and summer weather.
  • The tire has an excellent braking distance and response time.


  • Not that great for the winter and snow season.

Compatible Cars

You can install ADVAN APEX V601 in vehicles like Nissan GTR, BMW M3, Toyota Supra, and more.


ADVAN FLEVA V701 is another popular high-performance tire in the ADVAN family. You can’t go wrong with this tire if you want to enhance your driving experience.

It is made out of a silica-infused compound. Therefore, it gives a noiseless driving experience and excellent grip in dry and wet conditions.


Unit Weight16.9 lbs.
Overall Diameter23 inches
Static Radius10.6 inches
Overall Width7.7 inches
Max Load (At inflation pressure)1047@51


  • ADVAN FLEVA V701 has a lateral grip that gives an ultimate performance in wet conditions.
  • The tire gives you powerful braking, thanks to its irregular circumferential notches allowing quick stops.
  • The tire features an offset treat pattern that ensures stability and minimizes noise.
  • Since the tire has outside ribs, you get good stability even at high speed.


  • Not designed for winters or low temperatures.

Compatible Cars

  • Dodge Neon, Forza, Charger
  • Chevrolet, GT, Omega
  • Audi A2, 100, S6
  • BMW M3, 5 Series
  • Porsche 911


If you are in search of high-performance summer tires, ADVAN NEOVA ADO8R is what you need. No matter whether you are on the race track or street, it will give you excellent performance. The tire has steel inserts to the sidewall; therefore, provides an outstanding experience while cornering and braking.


Unit Weight20.1 lbs.
Overall Diameter23 inches
Static Radius10.6 inches
Overall Width8.4 inches
Max Load (At inflation pressure)1168@51


  • ADVAN NEOVA AD08 tire uses orange oil instead of petroleum, making it more environmentally safe than a regular tire.
  • The tire is made of MS Compound 2R and has an asymmetric tread pattern for excellent grip on wet roads.
  • You experience shorter braking distance and increased acceleration with this tire.
  • The tire’s circular outer rib wall ensures uniform wear across the tire.
  • It is a long-lasting tire also known for fuel-efficiency.


  • Some drivers might find it slightly noisier than other tires.

Compatible Cars

  • Chevrolet Cobalt SS
  • Ferrari 360 Modena
  • Mazda 3s Grand Touring
  • Volvo C30 T5
  • Mitsubishi Lancer GTS, and more


No matter how the weather is, ADVAN SPORT A/S+ tire will give great performance and driving experience. This all-season sports tire comes with a treadwear warranty of 55,000 miles.


Unit Weight20.8 lbs.
Overall Diameter24.9 inches
Static Radius11.5 inches
Overall Width8.5 inches
Max Load (At inflation pressure)1356@51


  • ADVAN SPORT A/S+ is an all-season tire composed of high-quality silica and polymers that improve braking performance even in cold and rainy weather.
  • The tire has big block designs that improve cornering and handling.
  • As the tire has four-pitch variations, the driver enjoys a more pleasant and quieter ride.
  • The company has used cutting-edge HS-2 compound in the tire that makes it long-lasting.
  • To improve tire endurance, the company has employed cutting-edge HS-2 composition in the tire.


  • Not enough traction on the ice

Compatible Cars

The tire is compatible with a wide range of luxury and high-end cars, including:

  • BMW 323i, 320i, 318ti
  • Audi s6, s4
  • Aston Martin Zagato, and more.


ADVAN SPORT V105 tire uses advanced technology to deliver maximum grip in both wet and dry conditions. You can install them on both sports cars and sedans.


Unit Weight18.4 lbs.
Overall Diameter23.7 inches
Static Radius11 inches
Overall Width7. 7 inches
Max Load (At inflation pressure)1102@51


  • The ADVAN Sport-V105 tire provides excellent handling as it uses micro silica.
  • The tire features an extra inner groove area, which improves its traction on wet surfaces.
  • The tire is less noisy due to its multi-pitch tread pattern.
  • The tire has a long tread life, so you won’t have to replace it anytime soon.


  • There are no such limitations.

Compatible Cars

  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Jaguar XF, F Type
  • BMW 5 Series


The ADVAN SPORT ZPS is a high-performance flat tire that provides excellent traction on wet roads. Even in the low air pressure, it retains stability and performance up to 31 miles.


Unit Weight24.1 lbs.
Overall Diameter24.4 inches
Static Radius11.3 inches
Overall Width7. 8 inches
Max Load (At inflation pressure)1201@51


  • The tread compound on the ADVAN SPORT ZPS tire uses nanotechnology. It is made of silica and polymers that improve grip in both wet and dry conditions.
  • Because the tire features circular grooves, you do not have to worry about one-sided abrasion.
  • The groove-in-groove design of the tires provides extensive tread life.
  • The tire features a unique sidewall reinforcement that provides support when running flat.
  • Even in low-pressure, it provides a comfortable ride.


  • Some drivers may experience noise.

Compatible Cars

  • You can install them on almost all passenger cars.


It won’t be wrong to say that Yokohama ADVAN tires are robust and durable.  They meet all the standards of international track and street tires.

All of the above-mentioned seven ADVAN tires go through several tests for safe operation and high performance. 

ADVAN tires have technical advances when compared to most sports tire brands on the market. They have advanced compounds that need very little petroleum to manufacture.

In addition to this, ADVAN is the first brand to incorporate nanotechnology into its tires.You may use these tires with confidence since they come with a warranty. is a good place to buy Yokohama ADVAN tires.

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