Toyo Versado Noir Review: Luxury Touring All-Season Tire

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  • Superior comfort
  • Silent ride
  • Good wet and snow performance
  • Longer wear


  • It’s a bit pricey

The Toyo Versado Noir is an all-season tire designed for touring comfort. If not for the slightly higher price tag, the Toyo Versado Noir can be classified as one of the best tires in Toyo’s lineup. But the price is relative given the excellent performance of the tire in all season driving. It is also one of the best when it comes to highway comfort and road silence.

The Versado Noir is Toyo’s attempt in creating a hybrid tire that combines spirited performance and luxury-car levels of refinement. However, the Toyo Versado Noir is more oriented towards the touring aspect. From that alone, the best attributes of this tire is easy enough to discern. This also holds true if you’re the proud owner of a premium luxury car or entry-level luxury compact.

But since the Toyo Versado Noir is also engineered to deliver exhilarating performance, Toyo saw it fit to make a bold statement. From the looks alone, it is easy to say the Versado Noir is a solid performer in terms of all-weather traction and grip. 

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What are the features of the Toyo Versado Noir?

The Toyo Versado Noir is the result of combing a high-performance and touring tire. Toyo utilized an improved and highly-specialized silica compound. This compound is engineered to deliver lower rolling resistance without penalizing wet and dry performance.

Due to the nature of the tire compound, you can expect the Toyo Versado Noir to bring better fuel economy, longer tread life, and a comfortable ride. The tire is also equipped with a barrage of multi-wave sipes to prevent irregular wear. The sipes are harmonically tuned to provide a whisper silent ride as well.

If you take a closer look at the asymmetric tread design, you will notice the Toyo Versado Noir is equipped with a higher sipe density on the inside tread. This feature is responsible for excellent wet and snow performance. These sipes are like teeth that literally bite the road surface. It is also responsible for the improved stability and steering feel of your vehicle.

The Toyo Versado Noir also benefits from a rigid outside tread and Toyo’s exclusive Silent Wall Technology. Both of those features are entirely responsible for the unbelievable refinement of the tire.

Toyo Versado Noir Review

Is it really comfortable and quiet?

Yes, absolutely! There are many reviews that claim that a set of Toyo Versado Noir were able to vastly improve the NVH of their vehicles. If you are used to ordinary all-season tires that thump their way over potholes and road cracks, you won’t get that with the Toyo Versado Noir. The tires are also incredibly stable and comfortable in high-speed driving. This tire truly deserves the ‘premium luxury touring’ moniker.

So if a tire such as this is a good match for luxury cars, imagine what it can do for normal compacts and subcompact vehicles? As it turns out, the Toyo Versado Noir is also good for minivans. This is the tire to choose if you prioritize ride comfort, tread life, and a quiet ride in a new set of rubber. It is simply one of the smoothest and quietest tires in the class.

In order to prove that Toyo is serious about the long wear life of the Versado Noir, it is offering the tires with an impressive and lengthy treadwear warranty. Toyo has you covered for 50,000-miles for W-rated tires and 65,000-miles for V-rated models. If you purchase an H-rated Toyo Versado Noir, the warranty is further extended to 75,000 miles. 

The Toyo Versado Noir is applicable to which types of vehicles?

The Toyo Versado Noir is an excellent match to fine luxury cars such as the Lexus LS and GS, Toyota Avalon, Audi A3 and A4, BMW 3-Series and 5-Series, and the Cadillac ATS. But due to the all-season capabilities of this tire, it can also provide tons of benefits to the Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, Mazda 6, Ford Fusion, and Chevy Malibu.

We previously mentioned this tire is also a solid choice for minivans. If you have a Honda Odyssey, Toyota Sienna, or Chrysler Pacifica and Town and Country, the Toyo Versado Noir should be on top of your shopping list.

And since this tire is designed to provide a smooth and quiet ride, it also a nice match to hybrid vehicles such as the Toyota Prius and Chevy Volt. 

Toyo Versado Noir Review

Enough about refinement. How does it perform on wet and dry roads?

The Toyo Versado Noir is not classified as an ultra-high performance tire. This means you can’t expect racing-levels of grip and a sporty demeanor. However, this is not to say the tires are inferior for spirited driving. It offers higher-than-average levels of traction on wet roads while still performing admirably over dry pavement.

Is it good on snowy and icy roads?

Yes. The primary reason why Toyo gave the Versado Noir a higher sipe density on the inside tread is to maximize traction and grip on snowy and icy roads. The multi wave sipes are also designed to anchor over slippery roads to offer relentless and reassuring traction.

But if you live in places with heavy snowfall or snow storms, this is not the tire for you. As the temperatures drop, it is better to place your bets on a proper set of snow tires. The same holds true if you are planning to drive in places with more than two inches of snowy roads.

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Should I buy the Toyo Versado Noir?

If you don’t mind paying a bit more for a set of premium all-season touring tires, you won’t be disappointed. But if you have a fast or sporty car, this tire might not live up to your expectations of tighter handling and better cornering. But in all fairness, you won’t have anything bad to say in terms of comfort and road silence.

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