Cooper Discoverer AT3 XLT Review: a Durable and Great-Performing All-Terrain Tire

Cooper Discoverer AT3 XLT Review

With the rise of adventure-seeking and overlanding, SUVs and trucks have started gaining traction again. Moreover, people are increasingly searching for tires capable of some off-roading, but ones that still work well on the road. These products are named all-terrain tires, and they claim to be the only solution you need for your next adventure.

One such tire is the Cooper Discoverer AT3 XLT. Designed to provide excellent traction over slippery terrains but also to be stable on paved roads, Cooper’s all-terrain tire looks very promising. Moreover, the American brand designed it to be very tough and durable, which is always a big plus.

But how does that transfer in the real-world? You’ve arrived just at the right place to learn everything there is to know about the Discoverer AT3 XLT.

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Cooper Discoverer AT3 4S Review: Excellent Performance on All-Terrain

Cooper discoverer AT3 4S review

Cooper’s claims about the AT3 4S are quite bold. They say that their tire has excellent performance on all-terrain or any surface. The tires are designed with Adaptive-Traction Technology, providing the mentioned properties.

The company says that the AT3 4S will provide comfort while driving on the road combined with decent off-road capabilities. In addition to that, the tires should perform superbly in wet conditions.

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Cooper Evolution Winter Review: Great for Extreme Winter Weather

Cooper Evolution Winter Review

For even better snow and ice traction, some manufacturers offer studdable winter tires. This means that you can put small metal studs on the tires to further improve traction on snow, and especially ice. One such tire is the Cooper Evolution Winter, a product that is aimed at drivers that live in Northern areas, mountainous regions, or anyone that encounters very adverse winter weather.

For a winter tire to be viable for drivers, though, it should also perform well on other surfaces. Most of the time, the Cooper Evolution Winter will be used on dry and wet surfaces, where most winter tires usually struggle.

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Cooper Adventurer H/T Review: Accomplished Budget Highway Truck and SUV Tire

Cooper Adventurer H/T Review

In order to make the tire available to more drivers, Cooper made Adventurer H/T available in many different sizes, ranging from 16-inch wheel diameter to 20-inch wheel diameter. The company offers the tire both in Euro-metric and LT-metric sizes, which improves availability even further.

With that decision, Cooper covers a significant portion of vehicles. Smaller sizes can fit crossover vehicles, even some compact ones. Larger sizes, on the other hand, can fit large SUVs and full-size trucks.

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Cooper Evolution H/T Review: Good Performance for the Price

Cooper Evolution H/T Review

Cooper tire is a manufacturer that has the most extensive tire portfolio designed for SUVs, trucks, and crossovers. They not only offer excellent all-terrain and mud-terrain models, but they also have multiple highway tires and touring tires.

One of their most popular products is the Cooper Evolution H/T, a tire that tries to combine good overall performance with low purchasing price and ownership costs. This model is not the only touring all-season tire from Cooper – it’s joined by the Discoverer EnduraMax, a tire made for driving over rough terrain, and the Discoverer SRX, a more upscale touring option.

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Cooper Discoverer EnduraMax Review: A Touring Tire for Rough Roads

Cooper Discoverer EnduraMax Review

Most SUVs and trucks are equipped with touring or highway tires, which are primarily designed for use on paved roads. These tires can be used on hardpacked surfaces, such as dirt and gravel, but only in a stretch.

Prolonged use on these abrasive surfaces can damage the tread compound on the tire, introducing chips and cracks. That’s especially the case with touring tires, which usually come with softer and less-durable tread compounds.

The thing is if you want an excellent tire for paved roads, but also one that can endure on hardpacked surfaces, not many choices are available on the market. Fortunately, Cooper Tire developed one such tire – the new for 2020, Discoverer EnduraMax.

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Cooper Discoverer STT Pro Review: Outstanding Off-Road Traction

Cooper Discoverer STT Pro Review

Right now, one of the best off-road tires on the market is the Cooper Discoverer STT Pro. Designed for use on trucks and SUVs with excellent off-road abilities, the STT Pro focuses on giving the driver outstanding traction on slippery surfaces, such as gravel, dirt, mud, and stones.

Moreover, Cooper made sure that the tire also works on the road. Mud-terrain and off-road tires are notorious for being loud and uncomfortable, and some of them aren’t very safe for spirited driving. The STT Pro tries to mitigate these issues as much as they can.

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Cooper Discoverer SRX Review: Excellent Performance for the Price

Cooper Discoverer SRX Review

In this article, you will learn how the Discoverer SRX handles dry and wet roads, how it drives in snow, how comfortable and quiet it is, and how long it lasts. As always, we will put the price into consideration and give you a final verdict.
Before doing that, though, let’s see how the Discoverer SRX is designed and what technologies Cooper Tire implemented in it.

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Cooper Discoverer AT3 Review: Excellent of All-Terrain Entries

Cooper Discoverer AT3 Review

Cooper is a manufacturer that we learned to trust when it comes to off-road-capable tires. They are so invested in making excellent SUV and truck tires that they have two all-terrain products – Cooper Discoverer AT3 4S and XLT.

Both tires are the best all-terrain tires on the market right now. They work tremendously on the road, both on dry and wet surfaces, provide the passengers with a reasonably quiet and comfortable ride, and even work in the snow.

But what are the differences between the two? And, more importantly, which model is the best for your needs? To find out, you have to read through our entire Cooper Discoverer AT3 review, simply because the question can’t be answered directly.

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