How to Take Air Out of a Tire? Step by Step Guide

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Tires are a very important part of the vehicle. Air-inflated tire system fed into the tire. The pressure in the tire should fill up a moderate amount, neither too much nor too little. Having too much air in your tires will be dangerous to drive. In that case, remove air from the tire! How to take air out of a tire? Let’s find out.

Tire pressure is a very important parameter of the tire system. Drivers should understand their vehicles and the level of tire pressure. Only when you have a good understanding of tire pressure, can you increase the tire life. First of all, let us learn about tire pressure!

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What is tire pressure?

Tire pressure is the pressure of the air we pump into the wheel. It is a technical parameter that measures the amount of air contained in a tire. The tire made of rubber, but, it is not round. We need to inject more air to shape the tire. Driving pleasure related to tire pressure.

How to Take Air Out of a Tire

Air pressure is the amount of air in the tires

People often use two units of Psi and Bar (2.1 bar is about 30 psi). Each type of tire has a different structure and all types of tires also need different types of tires. So each tire will have a suitable pressure level. Conventional vehicles have a tire pressure of about 20 to 45 psi.

The importance of tire pressure

When your tire has a suitable and stable pressure level, it will bring many benefits when you use the car.

When driving a vehicle, the car will ride more. You imagine your tires are balls. When these rubber balls pumped with a moderate amount of air and will give you a sense of smoothness and comfort. Moreover, these balls will move on gravel-filled sections. Your car will make its turn and have the shortest brake path.

The level of fuel used by a car depends in part on tire pressure. The amount of air in the tires should be maintained at a suitable level so that the car can move. When the tire is too much air, the speed of the car will increase and affect vehicle control. When the tire has too little air, the engine system will have to work with greater intensity so the car can move.

Especially for uphill sections, it is too difficult to overcome for airless tires. When the amount of air in the car is enough, your car will use less fuel. Thus, over a long period of time, your car will save quite a lot of fuel.

Error encountered when tires have too much air

There are many errors when using tires. People often believe that tires should contain as much air as possible. This is a disastrous misunderstanding! They think the car will save more fuel when the tire is overflowing. But, too tight tires will fail. The money you save when using stretch tires will not be enough for a new tire.

How to Take Air Out of a Tire

How to Take Air Out of a Tire?​

Because of the design and shape of each type of tire, it will only hold a certain amount of air. When you try to pump in an excessive amount of air, the shape of the tire changes. The tire will inflate and protrude a space in the middle. Meanwhile, the contact density between tires and the road surface will decrease.

When the contact density between tires and the road surface will decrease. Your vehicle will often bounce by very small obstacles. At this point, your tires will be very stiff. You will no longer feel the smoothness on the road anymore. Instead, the hard tire will make you go as if you encounter a lot of potholes.

Moreover, because of reduced exposure to the road surface, it will be difficult for you to brake or on curves. It will reduce stability when the car turns. It will need a longer braking distance. This is dangerous when driving, especially at fast speeds.

How to take air out of a tire

An air-tight tire has lots of harm. So when you feel your tire has too much air, you should remove air from the tire. The following steps provide instructions on how to remove air from the tire.

First, keep your tires fixed. Pay attention to the tire valve and turn the tire in the direction the tire valve is facing out. Make sure the tire valve is facing in your right-hand position. The valve is the small piece of metal that protrudes in the middle of your tire, which is where you inject air into the tire. On the valve body, there is usually a swirl button that protects the air tube, preventing dirt from outside.

Then remove the valve clockwise. The valve hole will be completely exposed. Remember to install the valve in a place that is easy to see, do not leave the valve installed. The next thing is to measure the tire pressure. People often use tire pressure devices. This method is simpler and easier to do than the manual test. You can easily buy pressure gauge at repair shops.

How to Take Air Out of a Tire

The convenient portable tire pressure device

After checking and making sure that your tire contains too much air. Pay attention to the metal pin inside the tire valve. At this point, you only need to use a straight-head screwdriver to press the latch. At that time, the air will escape. Before measuring the air in your tire, you should be aware of the pressure to release. Wait for enough amount of time and lift the screwdriver off the latch.

This time check how many air again to make sure the air flow is adequate. Note that you should let more air out. Then use inflatable to pump again. Because on the pumping device there is a pressure gauge. It will be easier for you to adjust the amount of air inside the tire.


Your tire should contain enough amount of air! Tire pressure should neither be too high nor too low. In this article, we have mentioned how to reduce air out of the tire simple. If you have any comments, please leave a comment below. Stay tuned, we’ll be back with other posts soon!

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