How to Fix Cracked Tires: Step by Step Guide

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The tires are the most important parts of the car. If the tire is cracked, the movement will also be affected. Below we will tell you how to fix cracked tires – step by step guide.

How To Fix Cracked Tires

If one of the other parts of the car is damaged, we can still move, but if it is a tire, it is certainly not possible. So the tire plays a very important role and you have to pay attention to it, check it often. They are easy to damage and wear and not exist forever.

The most common problem you have with tires is cracks. Many mechanics and car repair centers will recommend replacing new tires, but that is very expensive. We will give you the main causes of the problems and how to fix them.

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The cause of the cracked tire

Before you try to fix a cracked tire, you should learn the common causes to prevent this in the first place.

1. Time to use tires too long:

Your tires contain various compounds such as oils that keep in good condition, antioxidants. But when you use the car for a long time or keep the car in one place, these compounds will evaporate or seep into the ground on the road you move, there will be nothing to protect your tires. Moreover, the motors were also damaged.

2. High humidity and high temperature: 

High temperature is not good for rubber, it will be dry and cracked. Ultraviolet light will make the tires drier

3. Low-quality materials:

Your money is not enough to buy high-quality tires so you choose to buy a less expensive model. In this case, it will have a perfect exterior shape but the interior is quite poorly built. That makes your tires more quickly damaged.

4. Improper maintenance:

When the mechanic insists that you should maintain it, you should follow. The service will make your tires more smooth and safer.

How to fix cracked tires

Before changing tires you can try the methods below, it will save you money. But few places can guarantee the safety of repairs, so please be aware, this repair is only temporary.

Method 1: Internal cracks will be sealed with sealant

This method is like sealing a puncture, it will be effective for small cracks. The most important is that the sealant used is suitable for the type of tire you have.

You need to have:

  • Tire pressure gauge
  • Filling cracks
  • Tire pump


Step 1: Check cracks and let the tires cool down 

It is important to carefully examine the cracks on the tires, to determine which cracks you will repair. Then let the tire cool down after friction on the road.

Step 2: Remove the tire

Remove the tires once they have cooled. You cannot do the job if the tire is still sealed. You can only see the tire cracking both inside and outside when removing the tire. You will determine one more time before you start fixing the tire.

Step 3: Clean the position of the tire that needs repair

You can use carburetor cleaners, which are available at car repair shops. Use it to spray the locations of tires that need to be repaired and allow them to dry.

Step 4: Use sealant

After checking your tires. You will prepare a sealant suitable for the type of tire you are using, it needs to be mixed up.

Once the sealant is in place, apply it to the tires as instructed. Be careful as this may seal the injector or nozzle into the valve body. Completely eliminate any excess on the tire surface.

Step 5: Reinflate and reset tires

Use a pressure gauge to ensure an appropriate pressure level. This is important because working on tires can cause air loss.

Finally, reset your tire, check it again to see if it is sealed and you can drive around.

Method 2: Fix cracks externally using a protectant agent

A protective agent will be a coating to shield against external harmful agents and rejuvenate rubber. 

You need to have:

  • Large sponges
  • Safe degreasing
  • Tire protection
  • Water pipe


Step 1: Check cracks and let the tires cool down 

Before working with tires, you need to let the tires cool down to ensure safety. Check outside for damaged tire locations.

Step 2: Remove to tire

Next to should remove the cracked tire. Like the above method, you cannot work when the tire is still on the vehicle. When the tire is removed, you need to clearly identify the areas that need to be repaired and their size to make sure that you don’t miss a part.

Step 3: Coat the degreaser

Apply degreaser to the tires after identifying cracks. And in every degreaser, there is a user manual included. You can use a sponge, apply some degreaser on it, and spread it evenly over the tires, covering the entire surface. 

Step 4: Scrub and wash tires

Leave the degreaser on the tires for a few minutes. Then rub the surface of the tire with a sponge. Be more careful with cracks. Take a clean cloth and wipe thoroughly. After cleaning, place your faucet to gently wash the entire surface of the tire. Wash continuously until you are sure the tires are clean. Then let them dry for a while.

Step 5: Apply protective agent and reset tire

This is the most important step in the process. After the tire has dried, you need to apply protectants to the entire surface, not just the cracked area, there is no guarantee that the other situation will not occur. Most tire protectants take several hours to cure, you need to leave them alone. After performing all the above steps. You need to review the tire, if not satisfied, you can repeat the above process. If you feel it is okay, reinstall the tire. So you’ve completed this method.

Some ways to prevent tire cracking

Although when the tires are cracked you can repair them, it is better if you store the tires well in the first place. Here are some helpful tips for you:

  • Maintaining tires regularly and clean them
  • Do not park a car for a long time
  • Keep the car in a covered area
  • Use tire protectants once a month


Above we have shown you how to fix cracked tires: step by step guide. Hope you find useful information from our article. Wish you are successful! 

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