Top 10 Best Snow Tires for Trucks: Recommended & Reviews

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Driving in the winter is unlike anything else. Even the most experienced drivers have a problem controlling the car, especially when there is a lot of snow on the road.

Sure, driving on snow can be very fun, but only on a closed course. Driving on snowy public roads is not only hard – it is very dangerous. That is especially true if you don’t have the right tires on your truck.

Yes, even though most trucks are equipped with an AWD or 4×4 system, they aren’t ready for harsh wintry weather without the right tires. The all-wheel-drive system might take care of the traction, but what about the braking and turning?

Tires are much more important in wintry conditions than they are in warmer, sunny conditions (they are still very, very important in the summer as well). That’s why we created an article for the best snow tires for trucks.

With this article, we want to give buyers a choice of 10 best snow tires for trucks that will work excellently in the winter, and especially when driving over snow. 

To do that, we reviewed multiple models that are available in truck sizes. We covered all-season highway tires, all-season all-terrain tires, all-weather tires, and winter tires.

Of course, winter tires will always give you the best traction, grip, and braking over snow, but things aren’t that straightforward today. There are some tires that still work very well on snow, yet offer better on-road dynamics when the weather is dry.

Here, we want to cover every type of tire to satisfy the needs of every type of buyer. In other words, not everybody lives in areas with very harsh wintry conditions – there are some truck owners that want a dependable snow tire, but also one that will work great when the weather is dry or wet.

Oh, and for those that don’t know anything about tires and why some are better on snow than others, we also created a detailed buying guide. There, you can learn everything there is to know about truck tires, especially those that have some snow capabilities.

We strongly recommend reading through our buying guide so you can make the best choice when purchasing new tires.

Top 10 List of The Best Snow Tires for Trucks Recommended & Reviews

1. Continental CrossContact LX20 with EcoPlus Technology

Best All-Season Snow Tires for Trucks (only for places with mild winters)

Best Snow Tires For Trucks

The Continental CrossContact LX20 is one of the most popular all-season touring tires for trucks right now. We are also big fans of this tire because it provides excellent performance in almost every category we tested.

Thanks to the ample siping, Continental’s Traction Grooves, and the advanced tread compound with Tg-F Polymers and +Sylane additives, the LX20 performs surprisingly well on snow. Traction is very good, and there is decent braking performance on light snow.

This tire is still very good for driving in warmer conditions; It is stable, has a high amount of grip and traction, and strong braking. Wet performance is one of the best in its class as well. Furthermore, the Continental even improves fuel economy, thanks to the EcoPlus Technology.

Like most touring tires, the CrossContact LX20 is supremely quiet and comfortable, even at higher speeds. The 70,000-mile treadwear warranty is very good as well, but not class-leading – some competitors offer 80,000-mile warranties.


  • Very good snow traction and braking
  • Excellent handling in dry conditions
  • Very good performance in wet conditions
  • Plush ride quality
  • Quiet on the highway
  • Improves fuel economy


  • Some competitors offer better treadwear warranty

2. Pirelli Scorpion Verde All-Season Plus

Best All-Season Snow Tires for Trucks (only for places with mild winters)

Best Snow Tires For Trucks

The Pirelli Scorpion Verde All-Season Plus is another all-season touring tire that performs very well over snow, while also providing excellent performance in warmer conditions.

The silica-enhanced tread compound in the Scorpion Verde is joined by an asymmetric tread compound with high-density lateral sipes for excellent snow traction. While the Pirelli is perhaps not on the level of the Continental, we think that it’s quite capable of tackling light snow – traction and braking are pretty good.

In warmer conditions, you can expect excellent high-speed stability from this tire, as well as high levels of traction and grip. Wet performance is excellent as well, and like the CrossContact, the Scorpion Verde also improves fuel economy.

The ride quality is plush as well, and there is not a lot of noise on the highway. Nonetheless, the 65,000-miles treadwear warranty is lower than other premium competitors.


  • Very good snow traction and braking
  • Excellent responsiveness
  • Great handling on dry and wet surfaces
  • Very good braking performance
  • Low-rolling resistance


  • Shorter 65,000-mile treadwear warranty

3. Nokian WR G3 SUV

Best All-Weather Snow Tires for Trucks (for all-year traction in cold areas)

Best Snow Tires For Trucks

Nokian is a tire manufacturer from Finland that specializes in winter and all-weather tires. In our opinion, they make the best tires for a very harsh winter condition with a lot of snow and ice.

Their all-weather truck model is the best in its category when it comes to snow traction. The winter grip, traction, and braking this tire provides beats even some specialized winter tires.

Handling and braking on snow are excellent, no doubt about it. The Nokian also works very well in slush and very wet conditions – the hydroplaning resistance is top-notch.

The WR G3 SUV isn’t as good in warm weather, but it is still completely safe and reliable. It brakes well, accelerates swiftly, and turns without losing traction. Interestingly, Nokian equipped this tire with low-rolling-resistance technology, which means that it will lower the fuel consumption on your truck.

The only real gripe we have with this tire is the slightly higher noise on the highway, but that’s nitpicking really.


  • Excellent snow traction
  • Slush and wet performance is outstanding
  • Improves fuel consumption
  • Safe throughout the year


  • Slightly more noise on the highway

4. Michelin CrossClimate SUV

Best All-Weather Snow Tires for Trucks (for all-year traction in cold areas)

Best Snow Tires For Trucks

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Michelin’s CrossClimate range of tires is designed to offer drivers in colder areas all-season traction. This, of course, includes harsh wintry conditions. This tire comes with the 3PMSF rating (Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake), which means that it can be used in severe wintry conditions.

Over the snow, the CrossClimate SUV is only slightly worse than the Nokian WR G3 SUV, but still very capable. Traction and braking are solid, both over light and deep snow.

On the other hand, Michelin’s competitor is slightly better for warm-weather driving. Responsiveness is acceptable, and there is a lot of traction on dry and wet surfaces.

Michelin offers a 50,000-miles treadwear warranty on this tire, which is good, but not exceptional.


  • Outstanding light-snow traction
  • Responsive and grippy
  • Excellent wet traction and braking


  • Only 50,000-mile treadwear warranty

5. Goodyear Wrangler All-Terrain Adventure with Kevlar

Best All-Terrain Snow Tires for Trucks (great snow and off-road traction)

Best Snow Tires For Trucks

The Wrangler family of tires offers some very good off-road rubber, and the all-terrain option is no exception.

Thanks to the aggressive tread pattern and 3PMSF rating, the Wrangler is completely usable in light snow and in deep, unpacked snow. Slush should also not be an issue, but ice is a no-go.

For off-roading, the Wrangler provides the driver with ample traction for driving over dirt, gravel, mud, and rocks.

Finally, the Durawall Technology helps with toughness, while the long-wearing rubber compound is the “culprit” behind the excellent 60,000-mile treadwear warranty.


  • Excellent snow traction
  • Usable on every off-road surface
  • Surprisingly good on the road
  • Best-in-class 60,000-mile treadwear warranty


  • Not the best tread pattern for sand driving

6. BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2

Best All-Terrain Snow Tires for Trucks (great snow and off-road traction)

Best Snow Tires For Trucks

BFGoodrich is a manufacturer that gets a lot of love from truckers and off-roaders. Their all-terrain offering is a perfect example why.

Thanks to the 3PMSF rating and aggressive tread compound, this tire provides the driver with ample traction and braking over light snow and deep unpacked snow.

For off-roading, there is no better choice than the BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 . Traction over dirt, gravel, mud, sand, and rocky surfaces is outstanding. The tire is also tough enough to survive even the sharpest objects beneath it.

Still, while the 50,000-mile treadwear warranty is very good for an all-terrain tire, it doesn’t apply to LT-metric sizes. Also, the T/A KO2 can be noisy on the highway.


  • Usable on unpacked snow
  • Outstanding off-road abilities
  • Extremely durable and strong
  • Stable with a trailer attached
  • Very good on-road traction


  • Far from the quietest all-terrain tire
  • No treadwear warranty for LT-metric models

7.1. Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V2

Best Winter Snow Tires for Trucks

Best Snow Tires For Trucks

The Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V2 doesn’t come with any treadwear warranty, which is a shame in this day and age.

Nonetheless, it provides the best snow traction and braking for light trucks and SUVs. This tire isn’t afraid of any weather, including unpacked snow, packed snow, ice, or slush.

The DM-V2 also works very well on dry and wet surfaces, provided the temperature is lower than the freezing point.


  • Outstanding snow capability
  • Excellent handling in dry and wet conditions
  • Works on ice as well


  • No treadwear warranty

7.2. Bridgestone Blizzak LT

Best Winter Tires for Light Truck & SUV

Best Snow Tires For Trucks

This is the newest addition on our list. If you own a large heavy-duty truck, there aren’t a lot of winter-tire options on the market. Fortunately, thanks to the Blizzak LT, you won’t need a lot of choices. Sure, Bridgestone’s truck snow tire might be expensive, but it does everything you will ever need in wintry conditions.

The most impressive trait is how it handles harsh wintry conditions. There is ample traction on light and deep snow, which makes acceleration quite easy. The Blizzak LT also sets very short stopping distances, perhaps the shortest in the category. Handling on snow also feels surefooted and safe.

Ice traction is another area where the Blizzak LT impresses. The traction is very good, and the braking distances aren’t overly long. Ultimately, the tire works excellently on dry and wet roads, especially in colder climates.

The tire also comes in LT-metric sizes with up to Load Range E (10 ply) rating, so it’s great for towing and hauling as well. However, Bridgestone doesn’t offer any treadwear warranty, an issue I hope they rectify soon.


  • Outstanding traction and braking on snow
  • Handling on snow is superb
  • Good traction and braking over ice
  • Dry and wet traction is excellent as well


  • No treadwear warranty

8. Michelin LTX Winter

Best Winter Snow Tires for Trucks

Best Snow Tires For Trucks

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The Michelin LTX Winter is the only viable winter choice for drivers of heavy-duty trucks that tow or haul frequently.

The LTX Winter is outstanding over snow, providing the driver with ample traction and braking. Ice and slush performance are very good as well. The LTX Winter even provides the driver with outstanding high-speed stability on dry and wet roads.

Still, while the 40,000-mile treadwear warranty is excellent for the category, the price is also very high and might deter some buyers.


  • Excellent performance in freezing conditions
  • Very good snow traction
  • Strong and durable
  • Improves fuel efficiency
  • Excellent 40,000-mile treadwear warranty


  • Expensive

9. Michelin Latitude X-Ice Xi2

Best Winter Snow Tires for Trucks

Best Snow Tires For Trucks

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The Latitude X-Ice Xi2 is Michelin’s tire for light trucks. Compared to the LTX Winter, it can’t be used for towing very large trailers, but it should be sufficient for the average truck driver.

Overall, the X-Ice Xi2 provides the driver with the best traction and grip in the winter. Dry and wet performance is absolutely the best, especially at higher speeds.

Over snow, slush, or ice, this tire is comparable to the Blizzak DM-V2 by providing the driver with ample traction and braking.

Finally, Michelin offers this tire with a 40,000-mile treadwear warranty, excellent for a dedicated winter tire.


  • Best-in-class grip and traction in the winter
  • Outstanding snow traction
  • Excellent 40,000-mile treadwear warranty


  • Higher price than competitors

10. Firestone Winterforce CV

Best Winter Snow Tires for Trucks

Best Snow Tires For Trucks

The Firestone Winterforce CV is a commercial-grade winter tire for drivers of trucks and multi-purpose vehicles.

Thanks to the winter tread compound and aggressive directional tread pattern, this tire has enough traction and grip for the most severe winter conditions, including snow, ice, and slush.

That said, Firestone sadly doesn’t offer any treadwear warranty on the Winterforce CV, much like its parent company, Bridgestone.


  • Excellent snow traction
  • Works over slush and ice
  • Durable commercial-grade tire


  • No treadwear warranty

Best Snow Tires for Trucks: Buying Guide

1. How to Recognize Truck Tires?

The first and most obvious thing when buying new tires for your truck is to choose the right dimensions. We strongly recommend installing tires with the same dimensions as the factory-installed tires on your truck. In other words, if the tires on your truck are 265/70R17, you should get a set of tires with the same dimensions. Going for wider or taller will result in worse driving dynamics, more fuel consumption, and reduced performance. 

However, when it comes to trucks, there are some other things to consider. Some truck models are better-suited by P-metric size tires, while others are better suited by LT-metric size tires. P-metric or “Passenger” tires (e.g., P255/70R17) are usually used on lighter trucks and for light-duty driving. These tires aren’t the best choice for towing large trailers or hauling very heavy cargo.

LT-metric or “Light Truck” tires (e.g., LT265/70R17), on the other hand, are better for heavy-duty stuff. They don’t offer the same responsiveness as P-metric tires when the truck is not loaded but performs much better with heavy cargo on-board and very large trailers attached.

The speed index and load range rating play a big role as well. For the speed rating, it should be slightly higher than the top speed of your truck. The load range rating, on the other hand, should be sufficient enough for the things you will do with your truck.

For example, a Load Range E Michelin Defender LTX tire can carry 3,195 lbs per tire. This means that you can put up to 12,780 pounds on all four tires without worrying about losing performance or damaging the rubber.

Finally, some premium tires come with a Uniform Tire Quality Grading (UTQG) system, which will give you a general idea of how the tire performs at different speeds and conditions.

There are four grades available – AA will give you the best wet traction and braking, A will give you excellent high-speed stability on dry surfaces (over 115 mph), B will give you excellent high-speed stability between 100 mph and 115 mph, while grade C will work best up to 100 mph.

2. The Significance of the Tread Compound

Every tire that you encounter today is designed to operate in specific temperature conditions. The tread, or rubber compound of the tires, works best in a tight temperature range that the manufacturer decides before it even starts designing the tire. The best snow tires for trucks should work sufficiently well in very cold weather.

If the temperature is too low, the rubber compound becomes hard and brittle. This translates into a loss of traction, especially on wet and snowy roads. The tires might also get damaged if you use them in very cold conditions and they aren’t designed for it. That’s why the best snow tires for trucks have cold-weather tread compounds.

For winter tires, that temperature range starts from around 32 °F and falls down to -22 °F for the best winter tires for trucks out there. Winter tires remain soft and pliable when the weather is freezing. This gives them the ability to grip the road much better, especially over snow and ice.

Winter tires also have deeper and more aggressive tread patterns with a lot of siping. This additionally helps the tire dig into the snow, providing the driver with a lot of traction and strong braking. Suffice to say; winter tires are the best snow tires for trucks.

However, winter tires are almost completely unusable in warm conditions, and they tend to wear out quickly, especially when driven on dry roads. If you want a more dependable solution for driving throughout the year, we recommend going for all-weather tires.

These tires are still considered all-season tires. However, while normal all-season tires work best in areas with mild winters, all-weather tires work best in areas with harsher winters. Canada, as a whole, is a place where all-weather tires are the standard “all-season” option.

All-weather tires are made of a tread compound that works very well in freezing conditions, but one that also works throughout the year. The best tires in this category provide the driver with sufficient snow traction and braking, but also sufficient performance on dry and wet roads, regardless of the temperature outside.

Nonetheless, some tires aren’t available with an all-weather compound. For example, all-terrain tires are almost exclusively available with normal all-season compound, which doesn’t cope very well with harsh wintry conditions. Still, these tires at least have a deep tread pattern that helps them tackle snow roads.

Other all-season tires, like touring and highway tires, don’t have the best snow traction. They will work fine over light snow, but only just. If you live in areas with harsh wintry conditions, normal all-season tires aren’t the best choice out there.

However, if you live in areas with mild winters where it rarely snows, some premium all-season tires might be a good option. We will include some of them on our list to cover the people that drive their trucks in warmer areas.

3. Touring, Highway and All-Terrain Tires

These three tire types are the most prevalent choice for trucks today. Touring tires are designed for passenger trucks and SUVs and almost exclusively come in P-metric sizes. These tires are almost exclusively available with an all-season compound, but in recent years some manufacturers started offering all-weather compounds on touring tires.

On the road, touring tires provide the driver with good traction, grip, and braking in most conditions. For best snow traction and braking, though, you need to purchase all-weather touring tires. Touring tires are outstanding when it comes to comfort and quietness, and last for a very long time. The best examples come with an 80,000-miles treadwear warranty. They aren’t very expensive as well.

Highway tires are the heavy-duty alternative of touring tires. They come both in P-metric and LT-metric sizes and work very well with a trailer attached or a lot of cargo on-board. Performance is slightly worse when the truck is unloaded, though. For snow conditions, these tires are only marginal – there are not a lot of all-weather highway tires available. Almost every highway tire comes with an all-season compound, which is not good enough for harsh wintry conditions. 

All-terrain tires, on the other hand, work much better on snow. Thanks to the deep and aggressive tread pattern, these tires can easily dig through snow, especially unpacked one. All-terrain tires are still not the best choice for driving on packed snow, slush, or ice. On the positive side, they are available both in P-metric and LT-metric sizes, which makes them a great choice for truckers that tow frequently and want a dependable snow tire. Almost every all-terrain tire has an all-season compound. 

To sum things up, if you don’t opt for real winter tires, all-terrain all-season tires and touring all-weather tires are the best choice for driving on snow.

Final Words

We are quite confident that the tires on the list above will provide you with ample traction and braking on snow. The models we chose are highly-rated amongst owners and reviewers alike and bode well in our tests.

For the best experience, though, always choose tires that will work best in your area. Some drivers encounter only a few inches of snow on the road every year, while others encounter a few feet of snow.

Be sure to check our buying guide before you leave this page – it contains valuable information on which tires are the best for the conditions in your area. Only then you will be completely safe while driving in the winter.

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