Top 10 Best ATV Tires for Snow: Recommendations & Reviews

Most ATV enthusiasts are brave enough to tackle deep mud and get completely covered in it. Nonetheless, it is different for snow driving. ATVs are extremely fun to be driven on snowy surfaces, don’t get us wrong.

However, you will need special clothes to tackle cold weather and not freeze. More importantly, though, you’ll need tires that can give you excellent traction, grip when turning, and strong braking. In other words, you will need ATV snow tires.

Many ATV tires are available today, each designed to tackle various off-road surfaces, but not many of them are purely designed for snow riding. That shouldn’t be an issue, though, because most ATV tires are already equipped to work in these conditions.

Unlike passenger tires, there is not much difference between warm weather and cold weather tires in the ATV world. Almost every ATV tire is already equipped with an aggressive and deep tread pattern, which should be enough to give you good traction on snow-covered surfaces.

That said, this doesn’t mean that the same tires will be good for driving on ice. The tread compound in most ATV tires is designed for higher temperatures and becomes hard in the winter months. This has a negative effect on the tire’s ability to grip the road well, especially when the surface is covered in ice.

But what if you want to have fun on the frozen lake near your city? Well, then you will need tires that can be studded. The studs on the tires will give you outstanding traction and grip on ice, but they will also help with snow and slush traction. If you’re serious about winter riding, studs might be the best option.

Now, we know that all of this sounds confusing, and that’s why we prepared a list of tires that we deem useful on snow. In our list of the best ATV tires for snow, we will include different options, each one with its own qualities. Then, it’s up to you to decide which combination of features works best for you.

This also means that if you don’t know much about ATV tires, you will probably need to read our short buying guide in the end. There, we will explain how every type of ATV tire performs on snow, so be sure to check it out.

Now, let’s dig into the matter and find a great set of ATV snow tires for you!

The 10 Best ATV Tires for Snow You Can Buy in 2022

1. Maxxis 4-Snow

Best ATV Snow Tires

Best Atv Tires For Snow

Maxxis is one of the most popular manufacturers of ATV tires. Naturally, they are one of the few companies that decided to make a proper winter ATV tire – the Maxxis 4-Snow.

Easily one of the best ATV tires for snow, this Maxxis masterclass will elevate the winter driving experience of any ATV rider. With a set of these tires on your ATV, it will transform into a pure snowmobile.

Unlike many ATV models, the 4-Snow is specifically designed from a soft tread compound that stays pliable and flexible in freezing conditions. That’s very important – a soft rubber sticks to every surface better, thus improving grip and traction.

Maxxis even designed the tread so that it’s reversible. The scoop side on the tire is outstanding on packed and unpacked snow, while the backside improves traction on ice.

Yes, unlike most ATV all-terrain or mud-terrain tires, the 4-Snow performs outstandingly well on ice. This is definitely the best tire for having fun on a frozen lake.

Thanks to its unique design, the Maxxis 4-Snow is also usable on the sand. Unlike mud tires, this one flows over the sand, improving the overall drivability.

That said, the 4-Snow isn’t very usable on hard-packed surfaces and mud. The soft compound will also wear much faster during the warm months, despite the overall tough construction of the tire.


  • Outstanding snow traction
  • Excellent ice traction
  • Performs well in slush


  • Not usable in warm conditions

2. Kenda Snow Mad K584

Best ATV Snow Tires

Best Atv Tires For Snow

Kenda’s Snow Mad K584 tire is a direct competitor to the Maxxis 4-Snow and the only one on the market right now. In our testing, the Kenda performs excellently in the winter, regardless of the surface.

Much like its main competitor, the Snow Mad is made from a soft rubber compound designed for very low temperatures. This greatly improves grip and traction in freezing conditions, improving the drivability of the tires.

Thanks to the pliable tread compound, the Kenda Snow Mad performs fantastically on ice. It doesn’t have the reversible design of the Maxxis 4-Snow, but we honestly couldn’t tell the difference. The K584 also works well in slush, thanks to the unique tread compound.

Furthermore, driving on snow with a set of these tires is pure joy. The traction and braking they provide are simply outstanding. Handling in the snow is also very responsive, and the tires hold well in the fast sections. And we aren’t surprised – the Snow Mad tire is made from a sticky race compound used in ATV competitions around the world.

Nonetheless, the Kenda Snow Mad isn’t very usable in warm conditions. The soft tread compound will wear very fast, and the tire becomes unresponsive. On the positive side, the lightweight casing will improve the performance of your ATV and lower the fuel economy.

Finally, the flexible casing of this tire allows for a very smooth ride over bumps.


  • Outstanding snow traction
  • Excellent ice traction
  • Very good slush performance
  • Lightweight construction


  • Unusable in hot weather
  • Expensive

3. Kenda Bearclaw Evo K592

Best All-Terrain ATV Tires for Snow

Best Atv Tires For Snow

Kenda’s new and improved Bearclaw tire raises the bar when it comes to all-rounded performance. Everywhere we tested this tire; it provided us with ample grip and traction, responsive handling, and excellent stability.

This also includes snow. Thanks to the unique combination of large center knobs and recessed-dimpled knobs, the Bearclaw Evo K592 provides the rider with excellent traction on packed and unpacked snow.

With a set of these tires, your ATV will have enough forward traction in snow, but also excellent cornering traction and grip. You will be having fun, that’s for sure.

The best thing about this tire is that it also works tremendously well in warmer conditions. Driving on the trail with a set of these tires is pure joy, thanks to the responsive handling and outstanding traction. And when we say trail, we mean dirt, gravel, rocks, and light mud.

The Bearclaw Evo K592 even works in deeper mud, unlike similar all-terrain tires. That said, Kenda sacrificed a bit of the on-road dynamics – the Evo K592 isn’t at its best on the road. That said, the ride is still smooth.

Like most Kenda tires, the Bearclaw Evo is characterized by a tough and puncture-resistant 6-ply casing.


  • Excellent mud traction
  • Usable on hard-packed surfaces
  • Very good snow traction
  • Tough and durable


  • On-road dynamics could be better

4. ITP Mud Lite II ATV/UTV

Best All-Terrain ATV Tires for Snow

Best Atv Tires For Snow

The ITP Mud Lite II isn’t a snow tire, but it still has enough traction to give you exhilarating drive in those conditions.

Right now, this is one of the most well-rounded ATV tires. Apart from the excellent performance on trail and mud, it works on snow as well. That is especially true for packed snow. Here, the deep lugs have no issue churning through the snow and give forward thrust.

Traction on unpacked snow is slightly worse, but that’s the case with most all-terrain tires we tested. Also, you shouldn’t expect much traction on ice. Overall, though, the ITP Mud Lite II is one of the best all-terrain ATV snow tires.

On top of that, the tire performs outstandingly well on various trails. Thanks to the large and deep lugs, the tire provides the driver with excellent traction and grip on wet surfaces, such as light mud.

The Mud Lite II even works in deeper mud, provided you don’t go too far. For serious mud riding, we still recommend proper mud tires.

Unlike other all-terrain tires, the Mud Lite II is usable on the street, where it provides the rider with a smooth ride and ample traction.

Like most ITP tires, this one is also very tough and durable – great news for those that will be using it throughout the year.


  • Excellent performance on a wet trail
  • Usable on the grass and wet gravel
  • Very good performance in mud
  • Usable on the street
  • Tough and durable


  • Not the best option for deep mud

5. Carlisle AT489

Best All-Terrain ATV Tires for Snow

Best Atv Tires For Snow

Carlisle’s all-terrain tire is among the favorites in our team. The tire isn’t overly expensive, yet it offers excellent performance throughout.

The tread on the Carlisle AT489 isn’t as deep as on other all-terrain or mud-terrain tires. This gives an implication that the tire won’t perform very well in mud.

However, that’s only the case in very deep mud. In light mud, the AT489 performs excellently, providing the rider with enough traction and grip for spirited riding.

The Carlisle AT489 also performs very well in snow. While it lacks the large and deep lugs for digging, they are still deep enough to dig into the snow.

More importantly, the less the tire digs, the less chance there is to get stuck. When it comes to snow, you want tires that can dig, but also ones that can stay above the snow.

Apart from the excellent snow traction, the Carlisle AT489 performs very well on most trails. For dirt and gravel, we can’t think of many tires that perform better. Also, the Carlisle works on rocks, and even on sand.

With that said, the Carlisle AT489 has a 4-ply rating. That shouldn’t pose an issue for everyday driving, but overly demanding and uneven terrains might pose a problem to the casing. That also means that you can’t use these tires at very low pressures.


  • Excellent traction on snow
  • Generally usable in cold weather (all-season compound)
  • Very good trail performance
  • Durable tread


  • Only a 4-ply rating
  • Not very good for deep mud

6. Interco Swamp Lite

Best All-Terrain ATV Tires for Snow

Best Atv Tires For Snow

Interco’s aggressive ATV tire is the best option for riders that are only interested in handling and responsiveness.

Many ATV riders are already fans of how this tire handles various surfaces. Thanks to the optimized V-forward tread pattern with vertical center lugs, the Swamp Lite is super responsive during fast riding. The strong construction adds excellent high-speed stability to the mix.

This mix of design choices also makes the Interco Swamp Lite usable in snow. This is one of the few all-terrain tires that work both on packed and unpacked snow. Traction is excellent, and the tires don’t dive too much into the snow.

That said, you should be careful when driving over ice – the Interco Swamp Lite isn’t made from a winter tread compound. Still, that’s something that most all-terrain tires are guilty of.

During other seasons, the Interco Swamp Lite is one of the best tires around. It can easily handle hard-packed surfaces, such as dirt and gravel, and also intermediate surfaces.

The Swamp Lite is perfectly usable in light mud as well, but it’s sadly not the best choice for driving in very deep mud.

The biggest downside of this tire is the accelerated tread wear, something that you should be aware of when using these tires on hard-packed surfaces.


  • Excellent performance on various trail surfaces
  • Very good traction in light mud
  • Very good traction in the snow
  • Tough and durable


  • Not the best option for very deep mud
  • Accelerated wear on hard-packed surfaces

7. SunF Power I

Best All-Terrain ATV Tires for Snow

Best Atv Tires For Snow

SunF produces the best cheap ATV tires right now, and the “Power I” shows why. Their all-terrain tire for ATVs won’t beat its competition in terms of performance, but when you throw the price into account, it’s certainly up there.

The angled knobby design on these tires works very well over various surfaces, but it’s mostly usable for hard-packed terrains, such as dirt and gravel.

Still, the “Power I” doesn’t shy away from other surfaces. The knobby tread pattern also works very well over rocks, and even in light mud. Deep mud should be out of the question, though, but that’s the case with most all-terrain tires.

Driving on sand is also possible, mainly because every size of the “Power I” available comes with a 6-ply rating, which allows for driving with lower pressures.

This can also help in wintry conditions. Paired with the knobby structure, low pressures can transform the “Power I” into a pretty good snow tire. The SunF excels on packed snow, and it even works admirably on unpacked snow. Not bad for a set of cheap ATV tires.

Finally, the SunF “Power I” is even usable on the road. It provides the rider with a smooth ride and good performance.


  • Excellent snow performance
  • Budget price
  • Very good for trail riding
  • Tough construction


  • Not that good in deep mud

8. Sedona Coyote

Best All-Terrain ATV Tires for Snow

Best Atv Tires For Snow

The Sedona Coyote tire is one of the most all-rounded tires for ATVs – it works on every surface, regardless of the weather conditions.

This also includes snow – the siped treads on the tire help tremendously here. This tire works both over packed and unpacked snow.

Made from an ultra-durable and puncture-resistant 6-ply rated “New-Tech” carcass, the Coyote doesn’t shy away from the most demanding and uneven terrains.

The tough construction makes the Coyote a very usable tire for intermediate sections, such as when driving on rocky surfaces. Traction in these conditions is also excellent, and the tire has very good rock-ejecting properties.

Furthermore, we found that the Sedona Coyote works very well on hard-packed surfaces thanks to the siped tread lugs. The tread is deep enough to give you traction in light mud as well.

However, the Sedona Coyote isn’t the best choice out there for driving in deep mud, but that should be obvious by its tread design.

On the positive side, this tire is one of the smoothest on the pavement, thanks to the proprietary Smooth-Ride technology. Handling on the street is also better than most competitors.


  • Reliable snow traction
  • Excellent performance on hard-packed trails
  • Usable in light mud
  • Very strong and durable
  • Smooth ride on the street


  • Not the best option for deep mud

9. ITP Cryptid

Best Mud ATV Tires for Snow

Best Atv Tires For Snow

Mud tires aren’t usually very good for driving over unpacked snow, but the ITP Cryptid turns everything around.

The tread design of the Cryptid is carefully designed not to dig too much into the snow, giving you enough traction on packed and unpacked snow.

That said, you should have a very powerful ATV to handle all that snow – the deep lugs on the Cryptid create a lot of tension on the engine and transmission components.

That’s why we recommend using these tires on packed snow, where they handle almost like a proper snow tire. With that said, traction on ice isn’t as good due to the harder tread compound.

On other surfaces, this tire is a real champion. The Cryptid can give you traction even where you don’t expect, including deep mud covered with over 20 inches of water. In other words, the ITP Cryptid is as good as you’re brave.

Driving on the trail is also safe and reliable. However, unlike specialized tires for hard-packed surfaces, the Cryptid lacks the ultimate side-to-side grip for very fast driving.

On the positive side, the ITP Cryptid is surprisingly good for driving on the street, with smooth and reliable performance. The tire is also very tough and durable, on the level of the best ATV tires for snow right now.


  • Best-in-class mud traction
  • Very good snow traction
  • Excellent responsiveness on the trail
  • Very good stability
  • Surprisingly usable on the road


  • You need a very powerful ATV to get the most out of this tire

10. GBC Spartacus

Best Mud ATV Tires for Snow

Best Atv Tires For Snow

The GBC Spartacus is as tough and durable as the best ATV tires out there. This tire is 8-ply rated, which means that it can tackle every surface without being punctured or damaged in any way.

That said, GBC designed this as a mud tire, which means that it will mostly excel in those conditions. And boy, the Spartacus is good in mud.

Regardless if you drive over light or deep mud, the GBC Spartacus will provide you with ample traction. The deep lugs are designed to dig into the thickest mud, which translates into an amazing performance.

These lugs also make the Spartacus usable over packed snow. Lower the pressure in the tires, and they can even be used over unpacked snow easily. That’s the beauty of having an 8-ply rated tire. Nonetheless, this doesn’t help much on ice.

That same tough construction makes the Spartacus usable on hard-packed surfaces. However, don’t expect outstanding performance in these conditions, especially when it comes to cornering. Still, for the majority of people, the Spartacus will be completely fine.


  • Excellent snow traction
  • Outstanding mud traction
  • Usable on the trail
  • Super tough and durable


  • Not usable on ice

What Type of ATV Tire is the Best for Snow?

Every ATV tire should be able to give you reliable performance over snowy surfaces, especially over packed snow.

However, in order to get the most out of the winter months, you should invest in proper snow tires. Not many models are available on the market that fit into this category, but those that do are head and shoulders above the others. These tires also work excellently on ice, where others usually struggle.

If you can’t invest in snow tires, then most all-terrain tires will do just fine in the snow. These tires have enough tread depth to tackle packed and unpacked snow, but not too deep so that they dip into the snow.

Mud tires are also very good for packed snow – the large and deep lugs can churn out a lot of snow and give you outstanding traction. However, mud tires are usually not that good in unpacked snow, and they’re almost unusable on ice.

Hard-packed terrain and intermediate-terrain tires should also be sufficient for snow driving, equal to all-terrain tires.


Riding an ATV on snow is super fun for sure, but only when you have the best ATV snow tires attached. And in order to extract the best performance from your ATV, you should always purchase tires that will fit the surface you’re mostly using them on. It’s the same with snow tires. If you mostly ride in the winter, you should look for tires that work on snow. And the best way to do that is the list above, which contains the best ATV tires for snow from every popular category.

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